No lessons learnt: Rahul Gandhi attacks Rafale deal and Chandrayaan mission in Maharashtra, admits no work done in 70 years

Congress President Rahul Gandhi(Source: hindustantimes)

After a long break of about five months, post the Lok Sabha debacle, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi returned to the campaign trail on Sunday ahead of Maharashtra state assembly elections. Despite the humiliating defeat his party faced, Rahul Gandhi seems to have not learnt any lessons as he once again resorted to making false claims to target the Modi government.

On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi addressed three rallies in Maharashtra ahead of the state assembly elections, scheduled to be held on October 21. Gandhi resorted to his usual tactics of attacking the Modi government with half-truths as he brought up various issues such as Rafale deal, Chandrayaan-2, abrogation of Article 370.

Flogging the dead horse, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday raked up the Rafale issue at a rally in Mumbai’s Chandivali ahead of the assembly election. At the rally, Rahul Gandhi termed the Rafale deal as the “biggest scam” in the country and claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi had interfered in the deal.

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Rahul Gandhi went on to make similar claims of Ministry of Defence knowing about PM Modi’s interference in the Rafale deal. “The whole country knows there was theft in Rafale deal, people from the defence ministry wrote clearly that PM Modi is interfering in the deal that is why there is guilt. The name ‘Rafale’ hurts, that is why Rajnath Singh ji went to France to collect Rafale,” Rahul Gandhi said.

In the run-up to 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi and his media cronies had made several claims in connection with the Rafale deal to attack against the Modi government. However, the Congress party and its ecosystem had failed to convince the voters that there are was any irregularities in the Rafale deal. It is rather interesting to see why the former Congress President is emphasising on issues which have not only seen a logical end but also has caused severe damage to his own party’s electoral politics rather than to the BJP.

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Rahul Gandhi, however, did not stop at Rafale deal but targetted the Modi government for its foreign policy, national security issues. Gandhi said that the party is using moon mission, Article 370 and other issues to distract people from the real issues of the country.

In a bizarre attack against ISRO’s recent lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, the Congress leader said when the youth ask for jobs, the government tells them to watch the moon. Taking a dig at the government, Rahul Gandhi went to claim that ‘rockets’ will not help in filling up stomachs of hungry people.

“Instead of concentrating or debating on these burning issues, the government is busy showing people how the Indian Chandrayaan rocket was sent to the moon, Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan, China, Japan, Korea, et al… But, remember, rockets will not help fill up the stomachs of the hungry millions,” Gandhi said.

In a hurry to attack the Narendra Modi government, the Wayanad MP committed yet another gaffe after he admitted that no work was done in this country in the last 70 years. “We saw what happened in the last 70 years. They destroyed the entire system,” said Gandhi in an attack against his own party.

In his earlier speech in Latur, Maharashtra, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the government has cleared off bad loans of around 15 top industrialists to the tune of Rs 5.50 lakh-crore in past few years. Continuing his tirade against the government, he said the centre has also given a “Diwali gift” of tax benefits to the rich industrialists’ worth Rs 1.45 lakh crore last month, but there were no similar concessions for the suffering farmers.

On Sunday, former Congress President addressed three rallies. the first rally was in Ausa in Latur, followed by two rallies in Mumbai-in Chandivli, a Gujarati-dominated area. The third rally was in Mumbai’s Dharavi, where Dalits and Muslims have a strong presence.

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