Pakistanis join Congress in trending ‘#GoBackModi’ as Chinese President Xi Jinping visits India

PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping(Source: ET)

The visit of the Chinese state premier Xi Jinping to India has ruffled a few feathers, not just in India but across the border in Pakistan as well. Scores of Pakistanis today extended their support to Congress in trending #GoBackModi.

The Chinese president Xi Jinping’s 2-days visit to Chennai is hailed as India’s diplomatic success. However, this did not sit well with the Congress party which tried to belittle India’s diplomatic accomplishment by running a Twitter hashtag against PM Modi. Before long, assorted Pakistanis, for whom China remains one of the last remaining benefactors, joined Congress supporters in criticising Modi since censuring Xi Jinping would have invited China’s wrath.

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Raksha Ramaiah, the social media in-charge of Youth Congress posted a tweet with #GoBackModi alleging that the BJP government has not released the necessary funds required to remedy Karnataka floods disaster.
Another Congress functionary, secretary of Uttar Pradesh Congress, Sachin Chaudhary participated in promulgating #GoBackModi propaganda and stated that #GoBackYogi campaign should also be run as the law and order situation has utterly collapsed in Uttar Pradesh.
Several Pakistanis joined in tweeting their Kashmir propaganda with hashtag #GoBackModi.
Another Pakistani user joins in with hashtag #GoBackModi, tweeting a photo of a completely intact missile and claiming that the Indian forces have killed a 10-year-old innocent Faizan Khan in Kashmir.
Congress has long been accused of blowing Pakistan’s trumpet. However, this time around, the Pakistani propaganda machine seemed to have lent itself to further Congress’ propaganda against PM Modi.

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