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RummyCircle’s online social card game dominates the million-dollar market

If you talk about the traditional Indian card game, then it is always rummy. One of the leading platforms that have successfully transitioned the offline version to a digital form is RummyCircle.

The Indian mobile gaming market is projected to be worth approximately 405 million U.S. dollars in two years. And the mobile gamers that are steering this industry is expected to reach about 628 million by 2020. Statista, a global business data platform states that this is a rapidly growing market that has witnessed a rise in the number of gaming companies too. One of the main gaming genres fueling this industry is the online card games. Many Indian gaming companies have transferred the traditional and social card games to mobile.

Traditional card game goes online

Some of these popular games that are close to the heart of Indians are Rummy, UNO, and solitaire to name a few. These card games are played with families and friends at different occasions that range from parties, get-togethers, picnics, festivals, and even to pass time. There are beautiful memories attached to playing cards in India. So, game development companies have reinvented these card games and introduced them as a mobile game. The challenge is to maintain the same experience players would have offline, and they have delivered. From the visuals to rewards, mobile card games have revolutionised and boosted the gaming industry.

Why Indians prefer playing online card games?

The primary factor that propelled this market is the evolution of smartphone devices in India. In addition, the drop in the cost of data plans and wider internet penetration across the country ushered a spike among Indians to play games on their mobile phones. Also, digital payment has paved the way for easy transactions. Mobile wallets and online payments are popularly used in the last couple of years. Hence, gamers are opting this method for a seamless deposit and withdrawal from these digital wallets.

Advertising is another factor that is churning the gaming trend. In order to target the right audience, gaming companies are turning to digital advertising. Unlike outbound marketing like radio, hoardings, newspaper, and television, contemporary methods have a refined way to reach a certain segment of the audience and measure the success of it.

Customer service and affiliates are essential pillars of the gaming industry too. One retains and addresses the concerns of the players, while the other acquires players to the mobile gaming app. Lastly, the quality of the product matters significantly. The online card games should have the same aspects of a traditional setup that offers similar gameplay while enhancing it with interesting rewards and prizes.

How gaming companies have adapted social card games?

Over the years, many mobile-based card game apps have sprung up, but only a few have managed to lead this market. The games that are spearheading this industry and adding to the market value are:

If you talk about the traditional Indian card game, then it is always rummy. One of the leading platforms that have successfully transitioned the offline version to a digital form is RummyCircle. The proof of its excellence lies in more than 10 million subscribers who are loyal to this game and play rummy online for entertainment on RummyCircle.

When it comes to online card games, the most common questions include – will the cards be visible, and does it offer the same gameplay? With this online gaming app, your cards are clearly seen, and the digital version does not take away from the offline version.

Also, the online game is fast-paced, offers four variations including an exclusive variation. However, the biggest appeal is the real cash rewards. Plus, players visit the app to enter tournaments and participate in contests, which are exciting on this rummy app. Hence, with these points in mind, this rummy app is driving the online card game industry.

Another card game that has been around for centuries is Solitaire. There are over 100 solitaire games and 1000 variations that have small modifications. The most popular place to play it is Classic solitaire, which has over 300 levels. It is a clean interface, there is no downtime to read anything else, and it is a quick game that keeps you entertained all the way. It is a small size file that you have to download, and you choose a variation as well as the difficulty level. To keep the excitement level going, there are daily challenges that attract players.

From traditional, we go to social card games and the biggest player in this space is UNO. The amazing thing about playing it online is that you can connect with people from anywhere or you can loop in your friends. The UNO app offers users a unique experience on their smartphones that includes tournaments, rewards, and you can invite your friends to the game.

Mobile gaming is leading the gaming industry. Gaming companies are adapting their product to match up to smartphone specifications. Hence, the revenue that is flooding this market has rolled into millions.

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