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While Bengaluru unit of Apple was already manufacturing older models, the new facility will manufacture newer phones
Indians are like monkeys playing with toys. Sam Pitroda (Rahul gandhi's mentor) tried to downplay the 26/11 Mumbai attacks recently. He had stated just because 8 people came and did something, you cannot blame an entire nation(Pakistan) for it.
Several concerns have been raised across the world regarding the addictive nature of the game, which also has a tendency to push children towards violent behaviour. Parents and educators say the game incites violence and distracts students from their studies.
In what is very unfair treatment of brave journalism, it is Rahul Kanwal's voice and not Pallavi Ghosh's or Sagarika Ghose's that announces RaGa's rise to great power in India's politics.
PM Modi addresses students and teachers around the nation and talks about issues related to the exam.
Rahul Gandhi claims Nirav Modi had met finance minister Arun Jaitley in the parliament before fleeing to London.
Rahul Gandhi had shocked the nation by not announcing made in Jabalpur phones, which he corrected later.
It is unlikely that the technology giant will launch a tiny phone on 9th October event
Has Amethi even made a 'Patli Pin Ka charger' in all these years?
Rahul Gandhi is so predictable, everyone has started predicting what he will say in a rally
Rahul Gandhi wants every city where he holds a rally to be a global mobile phone manufacturing hub
As India moves into the fourth year of Modi governance, the country can proudly showcase several landmark policy initiatives
It’s an attractive opportunity which rings a sign of good times
Rahul Gandhi says BHEL manufactures mobile phones and Chhattisgarh government not buying them is a scam
The plan will bring mobile network connectivity to 4072 tower locations across 96 districts in 10 states
I have been using BHIM app since beginning, and I decided to write to top executives with a suggestion.
IRCTC has been a success story in getting people adopt online transactions, another story is needed.
Here's how you can go cashless with UPI payments: Noob to UPI Jedi in under 10 minutes
4 days after being completely sidelined in the event, Arvind Kejriwal has ignited a fresh controversy.

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