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Junglee Rummy scales ahead by understanding skill gamers’ personas

Growth in the country’s gaming industry is being fuelled by enhanced connectivity, changing ways of social interaction, and a growing young population

The Indian online gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate. The user-centric approach has been recognized as one of the fundamental factors of the increasing adaptability and usability of online games. The KPMG X Google report “Online Gaming in India: Reaching a New Pinnacle” shows that the Indian online gaming industry is about to add 190 million gamers and become a USD one billion opportunity by 2021, from USD 290 million in 2016.

The advent of the digital age has revolutionized the gaming industry. The internet has opened the door to a whole new realm of opportunities for this industry and multiplied the number of players. There has been a constant legal battle between the game of skills and games of chance. A game is classified as a skill game or game of chance/luck on the basis of the outcome of the game. If the result predominantly depends on the skill of the player and not on chance, the game is considered legal and playing it for cash, as well as free, is legally allowed.

Understanding the “Game of Skill”

According to the law, a game of skill is one in which success depends predominantly on superior knowledge, training, attention, experience, adroitness, personal attributes, and capabilities of the player. The skill and expertise of the player play a dominant role in determining the outcome of the game. Among the various games of skill, the card game rummy has gained vast popularity in India. Popular online gaming operators like Junglee Rummy have added more exciting features to the game with the changing time to cater to the needs and wishes of millions of players.

Embracing the challenging times, mobile game operators are moving towards more value-driving products. With an increased focus on local development, the user-behavior has become the main focus for developing new skill-based games. The advancement in technology and the easy availability of cheap network services have made mobile devices a favorite medium for players. The advantage of playing games on the mobile is taking the player to the next level. India is rapidly moving towards improved age and gender parity among online gamers. Given the current situation, the majority will continue to play on mobile phones in 2021.

Indian Skill Gamers – how operators keep them engaged

India is a young country with about half of its population under the age of 25. A user-centered approach is fundamental in the usability of an app or gaming platform. Platforms like Junglee Rummy focus on the product and keep the user engaged through different attractions. The regular cash and free tournaments on their rummy app ensure that players stay entertained and engaged.

Gamers play and stay engaged with online games for specific needs such as productive entertainment, socializing, skill enhancement, and much more. Initially players used to play online games for just entertainment and took to online gaming for a change from their routine. But eventually social communities of gamers started building and people started playing for social interaction. They make new friends and socialize over games. Online games have become a means to connect with like-minded people.

With the increasing number of online players and online game operators, the thrill of competing, winning and acquiring high status in the community of gamers has become a big attraction. Junglee Rummy understood the pain points of users and made sure that their games work smoothly even with a low speed internet connection and can be played on almost all the smartphones/tablets, as well as computers and laptops. The easy accessibility, seamless user interface, and 24X7 customer support by Junglee Rummy ensure that gamers never get stuck anywhere and all their problems are solved in no time.

Skill Games X Junglee Rummy

As discussed above, growth in the country’s gaming industry is being fuelled by enhanced connectivity, changing ways of social interaction, and a growing young population. Junglee Rummy closely associated itself with the local players and created online rummy contests to celebrate every small event with them. Special events and tournaments were organized during all the popular Indian festivals, such as Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Republic Day, Independence Day, etc. to add more spark to the festivity and the spirit of gaming.

A strong and booming Junglee Rummy community of over 12 million registered users is the embodiment of Junglee Rummy’s success as India’s most trusted online rummy platform. As the trend of online gaming increases, Junglee Rummy keeps enhancing the gaming experience it offers.

The fierce competition among game operators gives the ever-expanding user base a wide range of choices. To stay in tune with the growing user-base and increasing expectations of players, a deep understanding of the behavior and personas of skill gamers is essential. Only constant improvement and catering to changing player preferences can ensure continued user engagement.

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