Cuban president accuses former pornstar Mia Khalifa of working with US Govt and fueling protests

Image Source: The Tempest via IMDB

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, president of Cuba, has accused former pornstar Mia Khalifa of working with the American government to fuel protests against the Communist regime in the country. Cuna is currently witnessing the biggest protests against the Communist regime in three decades.

For her part, Mia Khalifa has denied that she is being sponsored by anybody to voice her opinions against the regime in Cuba.

The former porn star has been abusing the Cuban president over the past few days.

In one of the videos, she called Diaz-Canel “son of a b*tch” and a “f**king a**hole” in Spanish, reported The Hill. Mia Khalifa was also very active during the ‘farmer protests‘ in India and had used her platform to support the illegal demonstrations that turned violent.

The ‘farmer protests’ in India have involved riots on Republic Day, alleged sexual assaults and rape.

In Cuba, hundreds of protesters clashed with the police across the country, with dozens of them being detained participating in demonstrations that were fuelled by a foundering economy, regular power outages and a spiking coronavirus outbreak.

The protest rippled through across the country, from cities to rural counties, speaking to the power of social media, as well as the latent discontent that was brewing amidst the worsening coronavirus pandemic.

The protests appeared to have started in the city of San Antonio de Los Baños and spread like wildfire across the country as demonstrators took to social media services like Twitter and Facebook Live to broadcast their protest against the Communist regime.

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