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Author Gad Saad says he was astonished to receive a letter from PM Modi on Republic Day, says first politician he followed on Twitter is Modi

The Canadian writer said, "Prime Minister, you can't imagine how touched I am, how honored I am, how humbled I am. I do hope to meet you one day in person."

Author Gad Saad has received a letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day of India. The overwhelmed writer who received the letter on 26th January 2022 has posted a video to express his gratitude towards PM Modi and all Indians. While he wished them back for Republic Day, Gad Saad has also underlined that PM Modi is the first politician he followed on Twitter.

PM Modi has written letters to many eminent personalities in the world on the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day of India. Gad Saad is one of them. The Canada-based writer is well known for his book ‘The Parasitic Mind’. In the video he shared, he has said “Last night I was looking through my emails. I was going through the huge number of emails that I had to respond to. And then I saw the following email.”

India’s High Commissioner in Canada informed him about the letter from PM Modi

Next in this video, he is seen reading the text of the letter he had received. He said, “Letter from the Prime Minister Honorable Narendra Modi to be delivered. I was like, oh! What is all this about? Good afternoon Dr. Gad Saad. We have received a letter for you from our Prime Minister Honorable Narendra Modi on the occasion of our Republic Day January 26th and we would like to deliver it to you personally with flowers. Would you be kind enough to let us know of your availability in order to deliver it to you? Our high commissioner Ajay Bisaria would also like to either meet with you or speak with you on the phone at your convenienc@suye. Thank you. Stay safe and have a wonderful evening. Warm regards! Then the person signs from the high commission of India in Canada and so I have been going back and forth.”

After reading out the official letter, Gad Saad has further informed his followers in this video saying “Earlier today I have received the letter. I have just posted it on social media and read it out for you here.” After this, the famous author is seen reading the letter PM Modi had written to him.

What PM Modi has written in the letter to Gad Saad

In this letter, it is said that “Dear Mr. Gad Saad, Namaste from India! On the 26th of January every year, we mark our Republic Day. This is the day the Constitution of India came into being, after extensive deliberations by our esteemed Constituent Assembly. I would like to convey Republic Day greetings to you. 26th January this year is even more special because it is happening at a time when India marks 75 years since freedom from colonial rule. Thus, I decided to write to you and a few other friends of India, with a sense of gratitude for your affection towards India and hope that you continue to work closely with our nation as well as our people.”

In his letter, PM Modi has further said “Writers and thinkers serve society by pushing the boundaries of thought. In a way, such people are explorers who embark on an adventure of the mind and take others along with them, through their power of articulation. There are no limits to what people who know themselves can achieve. Your books and thoughts have helped a number of people understand themselves and their own minds better. India is witnessing a series of historic socio-economic transformations. I am confident these will empower lives and contribute to the global good.”

PM Modi has written a letter to writer Gad Saad.

Overwhelemed Gad Saad’s responded to the letter through the video

After sharing the letter on Twitter, Gad Saad further tweeted “I just followed the first politician ever on Twitter (if memory serves me right) Narendra Modi, the PM of India. I’m about to do a SAAD TRUTH clip on my show as a thank you to the incredible letter that I received from PM Modi today.”

In his video response to the letter, Gad Saad said “This is from Prime Minister Modi who leads the largest democracy in the world, that is 1.38 billion people if I am not mistaken. So it is a rather humbling gesture that one receives when one knows that your work is being appreciated by someone with such a powerful political position. I am truly touched and truly humbled. It almost left me speechless. It comes with the stamp and emblem from the Prime Minister’s office.”

Wishing back PM Modi and all Indians on the occasion of Republic Day, he further said “India is a great country with a great culture and great knowledge. I see many similarities between us jews and Indian society. This is one of those moments in life for which you truly are left speechless. If you are a good person, you honestly work hard, You do things that matter, you have a purpose and meaning then hopefully people appreciate it and maybe one day you see a letter sent to you from the Prime Minister of India. Prime Minister, you can’t imagine how touched I am, how honored I am, how humbled I am. I do hope to meet you one day in person. Once again my infinite gratitude and thanks for such a gesture. I know how busy you are leading a country of 1.38 billion people that you would take a few minutes to think of me and write me this letter is an immense gesture that I shall not forget. Thank you so much. Happy Republic Day to you and all Indians. Cheers!”

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