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देसिल बयना सब जन मिट्ठा

When Professor Sharda Sinha hit the road after arrest of LK Advani during Ram Rath Yatra, women were ready to celebrate Chhath at the...

Recalling the anger that arose from the decision of the Bihar government, Professor Sharda Sinha mentions, "It is impossible to imagine what people would have done if they had met Lalu Yadav at that time. People were saying that this is a 'parachhut' (despicable) government. It has to pay the price."

Ram Mandir’s Pran-Pratishtha to be live broadcast in 5 lakh villages, Trust to distribute holy Akshat with invitation

Akshat will distributed to the 5 lakh villages as an invitation to watch the live broadcast of the the Pran-Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Mandir

Nasir-Junaid murder case and Nuh violence: Is Monu Manesar being made a scapegoat to fuel Rajasthan govt’s appeasement politics before elections?

The BJP has also suggested that Manesar could be used for appeasement politics by the Gehlot government. Only recently the Rajasthan DGP had stated that they are yet to find any evidence of Manesar's direct involvement in the murder case.

Bihar Police block social media sites in Darbhanga: MP demands ‘UP model’ to ensure the safety of Hindus in Muslim-majority areas

The Station House Officer of Kamtaul in Bihar told OpIndia that the claims of inhuman treatment of the dead body are false.

OpIndia Impact: NIMHR expels deputy registrar Md Ashfaq, PMO investigated the case after report about him managing the institute like a ‘madarsa’

NIMHR expels deputy registrar Md Ashfaq after OpIndia report on his nduct of classes, misinterpretation of Hindu characters

‘Those responsible for Bihar Sharif violence are only doing probe, want to defame Hindus’: Questions raised on Bihar Police’s claims

Bihar Police says that the mastermind of the violence is the coordinator of Bajrang Dal. Questioning this claim, VHP Kameshwar Chaupal says that he had apprehensions that Hindus would be implicated, considering the government had told its agenda by blaming Hindu organizations even before investigation.

The ‘fearless voices’ who regularly exposed the poor Bihar administration, why are they missing from the ground in Bihar Sharif and Sasaram

These YouTubers are the reason why, in recent times, the problems of Bihar got discussed at the national level even though the mainstream media keeps ignoring those problems.

Why are Biharis condemned to be migrant workers? how the Congress-Lalu-Nitish rule for decades killed industries in Bihar and choked job creation

The way out to stop forced migration from Bihar is not just big industries, government jobs, special status or central government packages. It can be stopped only by re-establishing industries based on each area's capabilities.

Students at Madhya Pradesh’s NIMHR accuse deputy registrar Mohammad Ashfaq of running it like a ‘madarsa’, providing undue benefits to his community

NIMHR students have accused deputy registrar Mohammad Ashfaq of unilaterally running the institute like a 'madarsa' and forcing his Islamic beliefs on the students

Clement Lakda’s battle against Christian evangelists: Ground report on how missionaries in Chhattisgarh converted tribals to grab their lands

Clement Lakda is one among many tribals in Chhattisgarh whose ancestors were converted by Christian missionaries with the motive of grabbing their land.

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