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Clement Lakda’s battle against Christian evangelists: Ground report on how missionaries in Chhattisgarh converted tribals to grab their lands

Clement Lakda is one among many tribals in Chhattisgarh whose ancestors were converted by Christian missionaries with the motive of grabbing their land.

Hindu girl lured into ‘love trap’ then forced to adopt Christianity: Ground report on how the menace of forced conversions is spreading across Chhattisgarh

This report in the series documents the new model of entrapping Hindu women by Christian youths that has gained foothold in Chhattisgarh

Tribals in Hasdeo Aranya protest against the double standards of the Congress government in Chhattisgarh: Ground Report

Under the banner of 'Hasdeo Aranya Bachao Sangharsh Samiti', tribals in Chattisgarh are protesting against the Congress govt.

From churches to missionary schools and cemeteries: Ground report on how Christian missionaries have encroached land in Chhattisgarh with Govt help

This report in the series documents the nexus between the state government and Christian missionaries in land grab operations pervasive in Kunkuri district in Chhattisgarh

Ground Report from Chhattisgarh: The village in Jashpur that once forced pastors out finds no place for Hindus today

The roadside crosses in the villages inside Chhattisgarh are territory markers. "Only a few Hindus are left here", is the message they give.

A year on, Kawardha violence still haunts the Hindus, accuse Congress govt of Muslim appeasement: Ground report from Chhattisgarh

On October 3, 2021, a Muslim mob tore off a saffron flag in Kawardha that triggered violence against Hindus. A year later, questions remain unanswered.

Missionaries present even on land that once gave the message of ‘Satyamev Jayate’, Christian fairs and crosses in places that housed ancient temples and...

It is also mentioned that this plaque was installed on the completion of 110 years of the Christian fair in 2019. At some distance from this plaque is a long platform with Christian crosses.

Congress, Christian missionaries and machinery: When the minister is the encroacher, who will save tribals – Ground report from Chhattisgarh

Pahadi Korba, who belong to the Scheduled Tribes, are referred to as the President of India's "adopted children."

‘Pappu’ and ‘Paltu’ of Indian politics come together, will they be able to ensure opposition unity before 2024 elections?

Rahul Gandhi is meeting all opposition leaders, but question remains if it will help in ensuring an opposition unity before 2024 polls

Whoever is the king, it is Bihar that is at the loss. Whether Nitish Kumar stays with NDA or sides with ‘jungleraj’, he will...

As BJP-JDU alliance threatens to break in Bihar, here is how Nitish Kumar has ended up being a burden for the state.

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