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Deepanshu Aggarwal

I'm a commerce graduate (2017) from Shri Ram College of Commerce. I describe myself as bibliophile by interest who's a forever student of politics, political economy, governance & public-policy. I have worked as a political consultant and currently work as the Research Assistant to Hon'ble Lok Sabha MP Parvesh Sahib Singh ji. I'm set to pursue Master of Public Policy at University of Chicago in 2021.

Lutyens’ one-way street: Aye for Siddharth Varadarajan while he spreads fake news, Naye for Arnab Goswami when he asks questions

The outrage against remarks by Arnab Goswami against Sonia Gandhi, displayed by many, stems largely from the obedience to the Gandhi family

Gandhi: An anathema to the ‘left-liberal’ establishment

Whether it is about the Quit India Movement of 1942 or about the New India of 2020, Mahatma Gandhi continues to be an anathema to the Left-Liberal establishment.

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