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Gandhi: An anathema to the ‘left-liberal’ establishment

The establishment pits these ‘communal’ organizations against ‘secular’ Mahatma Gandhi, thereby trying to manufacture a false binary wherein the latter’s huge legacy & incandescent national influence is perverted to ‘sell’ the said disdain.


In India, the Left-Liberal establishment has always maintained firm control over the institutions that consist of critical positions in professions such as journalism and universities. What for? To primarily pervert public discourse and thereby derail the process of public policy in the country. Perverting the public discourse is of paramount importance to this establishment in order to legitimize, in the minds of the public, its disdain for primarily three things: Indian nationalism, Hinduism and Indic civilization. Hence, it has always painted any organization that disapproves of this disdain, as communal. In doing so, the establishment pits these ‘communal’ organizations against ‘secular’ Mahatma Gandhi, thereby trying to manufacture a false binary wherein the latter’s huge legacy & incandescent national influence is perverted to ‘sell’ the said disdain. Thus, it is important to unravel the Mahatma’s core beliefs regarding the three things mentioned above. Doing so will prove that the Mahatma, if understood objectively and correctly, is an anathema to the Left-Liberal establishment and not a mascot.

On Nationality

Through its academic and journalistic projects, the Left-Liberal establishment has always presented India as an empty landfilled by successive invaders and as a geographical construct of the English. It considers our country to have gained a spirit of nationalism/oneness only after the British arrived here. However, the Mahatma vehemently rejected this idea. In ‘Hind Swaraj’, he writes ‘We were one nation before they (Britishers) came to India. One thought inspired us. Out mode of life was the same. It was because we were one nation that they were able to establish one kingdom.” He also writes “.Our leading men travelled throughout India either on foot or in bullock-carts…What do you (to the interviewer) think could have been the intention of those farseeing ancestors who established Setubandha (Rameshwar) in the South, Jagannath in the East and Hardwar in the North as places of pilgrimage? They saw that India was one undivided land so made by nature. They…fired the people with an idea of nationality in a manner unknown in other parts of the world. And we Indians are one as no two Englishmen are.” In fact, he adds that only those who considered themselves ‘civilized’ and ‘superior’ persons “imagine that India is many nations” and not one unified whole. No doubt that the said self-styled ‘civilized’ establishment considers its comrades to be more civilized and superior to others!

On Hinduism

Also, the Left-Liberal cabal has always presented Hinduism as an assortment of disparate constituents. As Arun Shourie writes in his book ‘Eminent Historians’, “They (‘progressive’ elements of the cabal) consider the religion to be just a word used by Arabs to describe the assortment they encountered, just an invention of the communalists to impose uniformity.” Thus, the cabal’s ‘eminent historians’ have, he adds, “blackened the Hindu period of our history.” This, disdain for Hinduism would surely have hurt the Mahatma, for he found Hinduism’s holy scripture, Bhagavad Gita, to be an “infallible guide of conduct”, and Ramanama(Lord Ram’s name) to be an “infallible remedy”. He writes in his autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth, “..I quite remember being enraptured by his (a particular Hindu preacher) reading which laid the foundation of my deep devotion to the Ramayana. Today I regard Ramayana of Tulsidas as the greatest book in all devotional literature…..(and) Gita has become my dictionary of daily reference.”

It was Gita’s teaching of ‘non-possession’ that laid the foundation for his belief in his famous principle of ‘simplicity’. He mentions that Hinduism taught him to improve his thoughts, change his diet and follow the vow of brahmacharya for life, preparing him for the Satyagraha against the British. There are numerous instances in his life wherein he vehemently resists – attempts by missionaries to convert him to Christianity and consumption of ‘beef tea’ prescribed by allopathic/English doctors to cure his wife’s illnesses, instead preferring the Ayurveda water/earth treatment. His reverence for Hinduism & its constituent ethos is in complete contrast to the sheer disdain that India’s left-liberal establishment has for the religion. 

On Indic civilization

As Arun Shourie writes in his book ‘Eminent Historians’, “These (leftist) intellectuals and their patrons have worked a diabolic inversion: the inclusive religion, the pluralist spiritual search of our people and land, they have projected as intolerant, narrow-minded, obscurantist.” The Indian civilization that the establishment, finds intolerant, was considered by the Mahatma to “represent the best that the world has ever seen.” He wrote in ‘Hind Swaraj’ – “The British Government in India constitutes a struggle between Modern Civilization, which is the Kingdom of Satan, and the Ancient (Indic) Civilization, which is the Kingdom of God…. I believe that (our) civilization is not to be beaten in the world. Nothing can equal the seeds sown by our ancestors. Rome went, Greece shared the same fate….but India is still…sound at the foundation…India remains immovable and that is her glory.”       


Thus, whether it is about the Quit India Movement of 1942 or about the New India of 2020, Mahatma Gandhi continues to be an anathema to the Left-Liberal establishment. But should the makers of this New India be perturbed by the disdain that this establishment has for everything that the nation holds dear? Absolutely not. Why? Because, as the Mahatma wrote and said time and again “India awakened is not likely to fall asleep.”

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