Mayuresh Didolkar

In defence of the reactionary ‘right’

We shall fight, we shall never surrender.

You have mail, Mr S A Aiyar. Subject: Brexit

The hypocrisy over the Brexit results continues, with more contrived arguments

The bigotry of so-called liberals over the Brexit verdict

Dear Liberals, we understand your feeling of hurt and disappointment over the Brexit result.

Rectifying Washington Post bias about the Indian Media

Washington Post creates a story on journalism in India based on half-baked data.

Academics protest over proposal to consider that India didn’t exist at all before 1947

A proposal has been sent to California Board of Education in US to call pre-independence India as ‘South Asia’.

Marathi newspaper apologizes for saying the bitter truth about Mother Teresa

There were no widespread protests, so who pressurized the newspaper?

A lesson in free speech for our blabbering commentators

Saving Free speech from the JNU bullies

Mumbai or Bombay – The Independent’s stunt

A poorly thought, lazy exhibit of liberalism

Disapproval vs Censorship

Legitimacy of modern App Wapsi protests

A response to Aakar Patel’s “call to action” to Bollywood

Aakar Patel writes sans logic and facts, again.

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