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Aristotelian and Platonic simultaneously.

Eight years of PM Modi’s Digital India initiative: Empowering the nation with technological advancements and inclusive growth

Digital India has propelled a multitude of notable initiatives, yielding extraordinary outcomes across diverse spheres. Foremost among these accomplishments is the laudable feat of ameliorating the urban-rural digital divide.

Deciphering the Global South Summit: India becoming the voice of developing economies across the world

The Voice of the Global South Summit is to bring together developing nations to discuss a wide variety of topics from their points of view and objectives.

Beware! Frauds posing as genuine banking service providers can trick you on social media: Here’s what is happening

Bank fraud has become a common crime in the world with thousands of people falling prey to scamsters daily.

V-Dem Institute releases another bizarre ranking, places Pakistan and Taliban-ruled Afghanistan above India in Academic Freedom Index

The V-Dem Institute has rated India behind Pakistan and Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, in a report on academic freedom in countries.

Major Shaitan Singh and the battle of Rezang La: How 120 Indian Army soldiers manifested the phrase ‘Last Man, Last Round’

Major Shaitan Singh was posthumously bestowed India's highest gallantry award, the Param Veer Chakra.

As Gujarat Congress says Allah sits in Somnath and Mahadev sits in Ajmer, here is a look back at the Hindu persecution at both...

On Sunday, Indranil Rajguru, Congress leader from Rajkot, created a stir by claiming that Allah and Mahadev are the same and Allah resides in Somnath while Mahadev resides in Ajmer dargah.

Rift between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot surfaces yet again as Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra gears up to enter Rajasthan

Supporters of Congress leader Sachin Pilot have indicated that the time has come to make him CM of Rajasthan.

Here is how Gujarat transformed from being a drought-prone dry region to a well-irrigated self-sufficient state under Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi can undoubtedly take credit for developing an effective water management policy as the CM of Gujarat.

‘Chhatrapati a one-man army who stood up against invaders’: Author Medha Bhaskaran elaborates on Shivaji Maharaj’s life at The Ranveer Show podcast

Medha Bhaskaran spoke on the arrival of invaders to the emergence of Shivaji Maharaj as India's greatest emperor.

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