Thursday, July 29, 2021
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RSS, Mohan Bhagwat and recent comment about shared DNA of Hindus and Muslims: The Gandhian flaw of an org whose contribution is unparalleled

Mohan Bhagwat comments regarding the common DNA of Hindus and Muslims are not the first time such comments have been made by the RSS chief

Hindus need to shift the Overton window to make their voices heard

Hindus need to make their voices heard to bring about a political shift.

How the cruel practice of raising animals for meat is close to being torn down

The cruel, senseless, and unnecessary farming of animals for meat is destined to meet a similar end.

Conversions, land grabbing, abuse and brainwashing of the next generation: Why India needs to counter ‘The Church’

Anti-conversion laws and rules for NGOs are not enough, the Indian government needs to employ stricter methods to counter The Church.

With an information overdose on social media and deluge of OTT platforms, it is time to be digitally ‘Atmanirbhar’

Getting 'cancelled' or ostracized on social media may seem harmless, but as these technologies weave themselves tighter into our day to day lives, the impacts of such cancellations can be far-reaching.

Rise of Owaisi in Bihar – What it means for the Congress party and Indian politics

The problem is not the AIMIM or any other political party - the problem is the feeling of separatism that exists among a certain set of people.

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