Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Shishir Bajoria

Shishir Bajoria is the Chairman, Board of Governors, IIM Shillong and the Chairman of SK Bajoria Group

15th EU-India Summit: Promising an opportunity for India in the post-COVID world

The 15th EU-India Summit was held in the virtual space, which can be called the Covid-19 era normal. Before the pandemic made its presence felt, this Summit was planned to be held in March in Brussels.

Coronavirus handling: A chronology of mismanagement and cover-ups by the West Bengal government

According to the West Bengal Government, deaths that happened were due to causes other than Coronavirus.

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and the hypocrisy of the opposition parties

Why is there so much protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act? The answer is – Politics.

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