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G-20 summit in Delhi: Bharat and bharatiyata stole the spotlight at the gala event

However, it is of great importance to officially emphasise that from now on, our nation will be referred to as Bharat on a global platform.

No, video recording unsuspecting girls inside toilet is not a ‘prank’: How TNM editor and others engaged clever wordplay to whitewash Udupi bathroom video...

The gravity of the situation is expertly diluted by the TNM's editorial wordplay. The fact that video recording someone during their private time, without their consent is a crime, has no importance here, not for TNM, because what is most important for them here is the protection of the perpetrators involved.

The Rahul Gandhi guide to similar-sounding, utterly confusing country names

For an aspiring Prime Minister to confuse two totally different countries and try to claim that they are the same country is really sad. Geography can be a difficult subject for many and a lot of kids struggle to memorise the names of countries, rivers and their locations. We understand.

Understanding the anti-Hindi rhetoric of Tamil politics: how it started, and why it sells

When political leaders have no foundations to stand on and no work to show after years in power, they latch on to hatred and divisiveness, diverting attention from their failures and shedding accountability by giving the masses a common enemy to direct their frustrations at.

‘Why she didn’t leave’: Why do victims find it difficult to walk away from abusive relationships

That haunting, painful photo of a smiling Shraddha with multiple bruises on her face has been doing rounds, triggering many to question the same thing, "Why didn't she just leave him?"

Viral video of kids urinating on photo of Nupur Sharma: What it tells us about patriarchy and the prevalence of rape culture

Apart from the "crime of blasphemy", Nupur has committed another crime, against patriarchy, to be born a woman in a highly patriarchal society.

Savarkar, Kashmir, Constitution: Books and movies questioning established narrative upsets leftist intelligentsia, here is why

A slow stream of books and movies opposing the established leftist narrative appeared on the horizon. Works challenging the leftist version of events from India's past.

Dangers of ‘instant feminism’ and the burqa row: How it creates unsafe space for non-Hijabi women

It is time to move beyond simplistic virtue signalling on the issue of Hijab and analyse the issue without bias. We owe it to the pioneers of feminism.

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