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SC in contempt of itself: 4 ways that it fails to hold itself to standards it eloquently demands from the public and elected officials

The Supreme Court's 'victim blaming' verbal assault in court on Nupur Sharma sets a dangerous precedent for the country on the justification of violence.

A chronology of how Arvind Kejriwal betrayed the 12 principles AAP was founded on

AAP has willfully, systematically and repeatedly betrayed each one of the 12 principles on which it was founded

Delhi govt led by Arvind Kejriwal failed to deliver on 75% promises made: Detailed analysis of all 70 promises made in 2015

Delhi: Out of 70 promises, Kejriwal has delivered 11, while 57, are either not fulfilled or partially fulfilled

The Chutzpah of Arvind Kejriwal

Words of solemn advice for Arvind Kejriwal, next to their signatures - 'End the Chutzpah'.

In Bengal, Media are Nero’s guests

In West Bengal, Bodies pile as Nero's guests feast.

Swati Chaturvedi may be delusional – Sources

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