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Delhi govt led by Arvind Kejriwal failed to deliver on 75% promises made: Detailed analysis of all 70 promises made in 2015

Kejriwal's model of governance entails high-performance issuance of doles and subsidies which merely need paperwork to be signed in the comfort of the home office possibly, but wherever matters entail administrative implementation or coordination with other entities, the failure rate is alarming.

AAP has touted its 2020 manifesto as ‘Kejriwal ka Guarantee Card’. Going by the track record since 2015, such a guarantee card would actually guarantee a 75% failure rate of all the promises made by Kejriwal to Delhi. An objective analysis of AAP’s manifesto of 2015 reveals that Kejriwal’s government has not been able to implement 75% of its manifesto promises (based on average implementation % in the analysis of raw data). For a party that often invokes the maxim ‘Jo kaha so kiya’, a more apt catchphrase could be ‘Jo Kaha uska 25% kiya’.

Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal has claimed that he will seek votes on the track record of his government’s performance in Delhi since 2015. He has also claimed that apart from Full Statehood, his government has delivered on all 70 promises made to the people.

Let’s take an objective look at AAP’s declared manifesto promises of 2015 and how the Kejriwal government has fared in fulfilling each of the promises. In this analysis, every Manifesto promise has been first broken down into tangible measurable targets that the manifesto mentioned, and open-source data was gleaned to determine the fulfilment of the target as also % implementation where ratios were available. Let’s take the example of AAP’s Manifesto Promise #9, ‘Water as a Right’, which entailed piped water to 14 lakh households and access to clean drinking water. Both the measurable targets have not been met, as this Reuters report from July 2019 clearly outlines the disparity in water availability between the rich and the poor in Delhi, the wanton use of tankers to overcome water shortage, indicating a complete lack of piped water supply to all households and a woeful inadequacy in clean drinking water even for the rich. This Reuters report also effectively counters AAP tracker portal’s claim updated in January 2017, that all households including unauthorized colonies would get piped water connections by December 2017.

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The entire analysis is based on open source reports spanning across 80+ news articles reflecting the latest availability status of each promise. The study also analyzed AAP’s own tracker portal of its promises, which unsurprisingly stopped posting updates since February 2017, possibly because the lack of real measurable progress was glaring on most of the promises made. In the case of most promises, the AAP Tracker seems to post either no updates or irrelevant updates to the promises made. Where the portal information was deemed accurate, it has been factored into the analysis.

Of the 70 promises made, the analysis could capture relevant source-based data to assess a fulfilment % for all but two of the promises, where no data was available. The promises have been classified accordingly to not skew the analysis.

The raw data for the analysis is available at the end of this article in a tabular format. Every manifesto promise has been studied to assign a fulfilment status of either – Fulfilled, Not fulfilled or Partially Fulfilled, after referring meticulously to open source data available on the reported achievements against the promises, and the source of the data considered is also attributed.

Results of the Analysis

Of the 70 promises made, Kejriwal has delivered fully only on 11 promises, while the bulk, 57, are either not fulfilled or at best only partially fulfilled at the end of the 5-year term.

Status of Fulfillment of Manifesto Promises

Analyzing what Kejriwal could deliver, we see that promises that predominantly involved a Subsidy or a Budgetary Spend allocation were the ones Kejriwal was most adept at handling. For e.g., promises that encompassed Free Lifeline Water, Electricity bills to be reduced by half, Regulating Private School Fees etc. are the ones which involved a quick policy or subsidy announcement.

On these, Kejriwal indeed has delivered on his promise. It’s another matter that the cost of such subsidies, as highlighted in a Hindu Business Line study, in the case of the electricity subsidy is 1759 crores for 2018-19, and is potentially being recovered by effectively hiking tariffs for non-individual connections. The long term effects of such subsidies are yet to play out and the verdict is out on what such effects could entail.

Type of Fulfilled Promises

On the flip side, analyzing what Kejriwal couldn’t deliver, we come to the heart of the governance challenges that plague Kejriwal – 80% of the promises that went unfulfilled, involved some administrative implementation components, i.e. promises that involved some element of services delivery beyond just passing of a legislation or declaring a subsidy or budgetary allocation, Kejriwal couldn’t deliver. Administrative implementation is Kejriwal’s ‘Achilles Heel’ so to say. E.g. Kejriwal had promised to ‘Build 200000 Toilets’ in its Manifesto promise #17.

The business today article highlights the abysmal situation wherein a CAG report has slammed the state government for not constructing a single toilet. A similar trend is observed on promise #19 to build ‘500 new government schools’, where it is widely acknowledged even by AAP’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia himself that only 25 schools have come up. AAP’s counter-position is to claim that over 1000 classrooms have been added, but the facts on promise #24 to ‘Ramp up govt schools’ show a woeful inadequacy of teachers as well, a problem that Kejriwal hasn’t been able to resolve. How the claim of the addition of classrooms ties up with a lack of teachers is anyone’s guess.

Type of Unfulfilled Manifesto Promises

In 2015, Kejriwal committed to delivering on 10 promises, that involved a definite degree of coordination with either the Central Govt or neighbouring states. It is here that Kejriwal seems to have paid the price of his repeated run-ins with the LG office and the Central government, leading to a failure rate of 80% on delivering promises that needed some coordination with non-AAP entities.

Flagship schemes such as Jan Lokpal Bill, Swaraj Bill, Full Statehood for Delhi etc. are stuck in the tussle between Kejriwal and the LG. A fundamental leadership question arises – Why make promises that are not fully in your control in the first place. And if promises have been made where coordination is an absolute must deliver, why take an antagonistic stand towards the central government eliminating any chance of coordination?

Fulfilment of Manifesto Promises that needed coordination with Center or another state

In summary, Kejriwal’s model of governance entails high-performance issuance of doles and subsidies which merely need paperwork to be signed in the comfort of the home office possibly, but wherever matters entail administrative implementation or coordination with other entities, the failure rate is alarming.

In such a context, a flurry of new promises made in the hue of ‘Kejriwal ka Guarantee Card‘, must be assumed to come with a guarantee of at least 75% failure.

Following are the tables of promises fulfilled, not fulfilled, partially fulfilled or fully fulfilled.

The list of 48 promises that remain unfulfilled out of 70 promises.

Sl. No.Manifesto PromiseMeasureable Parameters of the PromiseSalient pointsPromise Quality StatusStatus Information Source Date
1Delhi Janlokpal billLegislation to be passedClarifications pending with StateExecutable in Coordination with Center or another stateLegislation or Policy framing Pending May 1, 2018
2Swaraj BillLegislation to be passedPending approval by LGExecutable in Coordination with Center or another stateLegislation or Policy framing Pending August 1, 2017
3Full Statehood for DelhiLegislation to be passedNot possible to be done by State. Infeasible promise made as the State Govt.Executable in Coordination with Center or another stateLegislation or Policy framing Pending January 1, 2020
5CAG Audit of Power DiscomsPolicy ExecutionCAG Audit of Discoms shot down by the Court. DERC will instead do the audits. Promise unfulfilled.Executable by StateLegislation or Policy framing Pending October 1, 2018
6Delhi’s own power stationImplementation Not initiated, only minor steps taken in some power augmentation at a sub station level.Executable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedJanuary 1, 2017
7Introduce Competition among DiscomsImplementation Not in the state remit. Center is announcing a nationwide policy.Executable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedDecember 1, 2017
8Delhi to be made a Solar City20% of Delhi Energy to be met through SolarPolicy announced, targets unmet. Pune is the Solar City of India with higher Solar Rooftop power, even with fewer households.Executable by StateBill or Policy Passed
9Water as a RightPiped water to 14 Lakh Household
Access to clean drinking water
Piped water not rolled out to all colonies. Tanker dependency still high.
Clean drinking water not available even for those with piped water.
Executable by StateUnder ImplementationJuly 1, 2019
13Augmenting Water ResourcesWill initiate schemes for rainwater harvesting, recharge of wells, watershed development and soil-water conservation
Will revive Delhi’s water bodies like lakes, ponds and baolis,
Rainwater harvesting is inadequately low, Lakes are in trouble.Executable by StateUnder ImplementationMarch 1, 2019
14Crackdown on Water Mafiaclamping down on Delhi’s powerful water mafia
transparent tanker water distribution system by implementing state-of-the-art techniques
June 2019, acute water shortage and Tanker Mafia was operatingExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationJune 1, 2019
15Revive the Yamuna100 percent collection and treatment of Delhi’s sewageReports of sewage still being heavily dumped in the Yamuna, Yamuna quoted to 'dying'.Executable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedNovember 1, 2018
16Promote Rainwater HarvestingAAP government will throw its weight behind rainwater harvesting and strongly push it in a top-down mannerNo rewards, only mandatory law announced that is poorly implemented, leading to a lack of rainwater harvesting with just 1200 unitsExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationSeptember 1, 2019
17Build 200000 Public ToiletsBuild 200000 Public ToiletsCAG said not a single toilet built
Only 11000 even attempted by 2017
Executable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedApril 1, 2018
18Better Waste ManagementAdopt and encourage the use of good practices in waste management techniques from across the world.
Enforce the ban on plastic bags in the city
Rebuked by NGT in 2017, no action takenExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationAugust 1, 2017
19500 new govt schools500 new govt schoolsOnly 25 new schools built of the promised 500. Executable by StateUnder ImplementationAugust 1, 2019
21Twenty new Degree Colleges20 New Degree Colleges1 Pharma university created. No new colleges set up, only intake increased according to AAP Tracker
Plan junked according to HT
Executable by StateUnder ImplementationJanuary 1, 2017
24Ramp up govt schools to provide quality educationEvery school will have sufficient functional toilets built, especially for girls
Teaching and learning infrastructure including computers and high-speed Internet connectivity will be made fully functional in every school
Seventeen thousand new teachers will be hired to maintain full staff strength at government schools.
Pulled by the court for 'pathetic state' of facilities in govt school (Scroll Report)
Shortage of teachers in govt schools called out in reports (Indian Express)
Executable by StateUnder ImplementationJuly 1, 2018
28Adequate Street LightingEnsure 100 percent lighting of streets across the city so that no miscreant or anti-social activity goes unnoticed.30% of Delhi in Dark, Kejriwal Govt waking up in December 2019 to announce street light driveExecutable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedDecember 1, 2019
29Effective Last Mile Connectivitywill provide effective last mile connectivity in Delhi’s public transit system, which will play a role in reducing the number of crimes against womenAAP has announced only subsidies for E-rickshaws. Bus Feeders are met only to the tune of 25%. Last mile connectivity is poorExecutable by StateOnly Intent Announced
31Speedy Justice through 47 Fast Track Courts47 FSTCs to be set upAAP govt is being pushed by the Court and Center to give approval to appoint judges, even the 16 FSTCs suggested by Center not set upExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationDecember 1, 2019
32Empower Delhi Lawyers and JudiciaryNew judges will be appointed. We will make provisions for affordable housing for government counsels and lawyers practising in lower courts.Only funds sanctioned as per AAP tracker update. No confirmation Executable by StateUnder ImplementationJanuary 1, 2017
34Surakhsa ButtonSuraksha/SOS button on every mobile phone. Central Govt has made moves on this. Not by AAPExecutable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedFebruary 1, 2019
35Governance on the Mobile PhoneAll government services and forms will be made available online and on the phoneNo integrated Mobile governance. A few apps in DJB and others installed nothing more.Executable by StateUnder ImplementationFebruary 1, 2017
36Delhi's Villages to Receive Special AttentionDecisions regarding the development of Delhi’s villages will be taken by Gram SabhasSwaraj bill not passedExecutable in Coordination with Center or another stateLegislation or Policy framing Pending
37Pro Farmer Land ReformSection 33 and 81 of the Delhi Land Reform Act will be removedOnly announcements made on legislation, not actually passedExecutable in Coordination with Center or another stateLegislation or Policy framing Pending June 1, 2016
38Wifi DelhiWi-Fi freely available in public spaces across Delhi100 installed as of December out of 11000 to be installedExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationDecember 1, 2019
39Delhi to be made a trade and retail hubwill formulate trader-friendly policies and streamline rules and regulations for setting up and running businesses
will simplify compliance and licensing for traders and put in place a system of single window clearance
will also ensure that starting a trade or business in Delhi takes a maximum time of one week
No significant bill passed by DelhiExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationDecember 1, 2016
41Lowest VAT Regimelowest VAT regime in IndiaVAT on Fuel is higher than neighbouring states.
Manifesto promise is largely irrelevant because of rollout of GST by Center
Executable by StateUnder ImplementationOctober 1, 2018
44Delhi Skill Missionwill create the first ever Delhi Skill Mission to train and enable one lakh youth per year for the first 2 years, ramping up to five lakh youth per year for the next 3 years.Only 1 skill center openedExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationFebruary 1, 2017
45Create 8 Lakh Jobs8 lakh jobs in next 5 years2 Job sumits organized, no quantified job creation.Executable by StateUnder Implementation
46Delhi to be Startup HubWill encourage startups by setting up business and technology incubators in universities and colleges
Also create three million square feet of affordable business incubation space.
Only Announcement. No implementation
6 incubation centers set up in Delhi schools and colleges
Executable by StateUnder ImplementationMarch 1, 2016
47Contractual Post to be Regularizedwill fill 55,000 vacancies in the Delhi government
4,000 doctors and 15,000 nurses and paramedics will be made permanent.
Kejriwal declared this promise is dependent on StatehoodExecutable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedMarch 1, 2019
49Reducing PollutionDelhi Ridge, the lung of the city, will be protected from encroachment and deforestation. 
Environmentally appropriate afforestation would be carried out in all parts of Delhi in collaboration with the local Mohalla Sabhas
Acquire mechanized vacuum cleaning vehicles to clean the city.
Public transport will be improved to reduce the number of cars on the road.
Odd Even Scheme doesn’t work. Afforestation hasn’t worked as per reports
Stubble burning and smog in Winters an annual crisis for 5 years now
Executable by StateUnder Implementation
50Unified Transport Authority‘Unified Transport Authority’ will be established Apart from free rides for Women on Metro, no structured policy announced on Uniform Transport AuthorityExecutable by StateOnly Intent Announced
51Large Scale Expansion in Bus ServicesExpand bus services in the city on a massive scale, adding at least 5,000 new buses 500 less buses plying now than when Kejriwal came to power. Buses have not been ordered in timeExecutable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedNovember 1, 2019
52Just and Fair Policy for E-RickshawsAAP will formulate a clear policy and standards for the ownership and operation of e-rickshaws, keeping safety aspects in mind.AAP admits there is no regulation.
Only subsidies announced for E-rickshaws, no policy or regulation framed
Executable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedJanuary 1, 2017
53Metro Rail 2.0Will collaborate with the Indian Railways to extend and develop the Ring Rail service in Delhi.Phase 4 metro only budget cleared in 2017, in coordination with Center. Execution pending. Will take 6 years to completeExecutable in Coordination with Center or another stateOnly Intent AnnouncedJanuary 1, 2017
55Freehold of resettlement coloniesOriginal allottees will receive ownership of their plots for just Rs. 10,000. Those who are not original allottees will get the ownership rights of their plots for less than Rs. 50,000 depending on their plot size.No construction started for JJ cluster only awarded completion certificates. Challenged in RTI.Executable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedJanuary 1, 2020
56Regularization and Transformation of Unauthorized ColoniesWithin one year of our government formation, these unauthorized colonies will be regularized and residents will be given ownership rights.Implemented by Center in Nov 2019. State could not implement this.Executable in Coordination with Center or another stateOnly Intent AnnouncedNovember 1, 2019
57Affordable Housing for Allwill construct affordable housing for lower income groupsNo proposal sent by State to the CenterExecutable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedDecember 1, 2019
58In Situ Development of SlumsSlum dwellers will be provided plots or flats in the same location as the existing slums.  If that is not possible, they will be rehabilitated in the closest possible location. Less than 1% of Slum Dwellers RehabiitatedExecutable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedOctober 1, 2018
59Taking Care of our Senior CitizensThe government will initiate a universal and non-contributory old age pension system immediately.Only announced, no implementation. Some elder care centers opened, no pension scheme initiated.Executable by StateOnly Intent AnnouncedNovember 1, 2018
60Controlling Price Risestringent measures will be taken to prevent hoarding and profiteering. Our government will use the its full strength to stop black market operations, hoarding and speculative trading to curb the rising prices of vegetables, fruits and other essential commodities. Ration shops and the public distribution system will be corruption-free and shield the Aam Aadmi from rising costs.CAG pointed out corruption continuing in ration systemExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationApril 1, 2018
61Drug Free Delhimake Delhi a completely drug-free state. We will prevent drug trafficking by means of tight monitoring and ensuring strict punishment for the guilty. Delhi in the Top 10 Drug consumption states on all parameters according to an AIIMS report in 2019Executable by StateUnder ImplementationFebruary 1, 2019
64Respecting our Ex-ServicemenAAP will stand by the nation’s ex-servicemen in their fight for “One Rank, One Pension”.Center has fulfilled. Promise irrelevant at the state level.Executable in Coordination with Center or another stateDeliveredJuly 1, 2018
65Development and Equality for All Minorities We will bring transparency in the functioning of Delhi Waqf Board and ensure that encroachments on Waqf property by private parties as well as the government are removed.Accusations of Norms flouted in 33 appointments made to the Waqf board. LG has ordered a probeExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationJuly 1, 2019
66Dignity to the Safai KaramchariWill end contractualisation in “safai karamchari” posts and will regularize existing employees. Workers who enter sewers will be provided with protective gear, masks and appropriate equipment. Like fire fighters, they will receive medical insuranceSafai Karamchari Union has written to govt over continuing deathsExecutable by StateUnder ImplementationJuly 1, 2019
69Promoting Punjabi, Sanskrit & UrduAn adequate number of teachers will be employed for teaching Urdu and PunjabiPunjabi and Urdu were already official languages as of 2003
Teacher shortage in Punjabi Urdu and Sanskrit cited in reports
Executable by StateUnder ImplementationJuly 1, 2019

The list of 9 promises that remain partially fulfilled out of 70 promises.

Sl. No.Manifesto PromiseMeasureable Parameters of the PromiseSalient pointsType of PromisePromise Quality Status Information Source Date (Latest found)
12Water from Munak CanalEnsure adherence by HaryanaHigh court pushed Haryana to deliver adequate water, based on DJB (which is under Delhi Govt)'s push. Water release still short of Delhi's needsAdminstrative ImplementationExecutable in Coordination with Center or another stateMay 1, 2019
23Transparency in School AdmissionsTo streamline the admission process, we will use a centralized online system for nursery admissions, removing avenues for corruption.Policy for centralized admission process announced.
No integrated transparency mechanism for admissions.
Adminstrative ImplementationExecutable by StateJanuary 1, 2017
26Expand Healthcare Infrastructure900 new Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and 30,000 more beds in Delhi hospitals, out of which 4,000 will be in maternity wards.450 clinics opened thus far out of the promised 900Adminstrative ImplementationExecutable by StateJanuary 1, 2020
27Quality Drugs for all at Affordable PricePharmaceutical drug and equipment procurement will be centralized to ensure zero corruption.
Generic, affordable and high quality drugs will be made available to the public.
Essential Drugs only subsudized, implementation weak since the list of Essential Drugs has been shortened recently and does not cover all illnessesAdminstrative ImplementationExecutable by StateMay 1, 2019
30CCTVs in Public Spaces and BusesInstall CCTV cameras in DTC buses, bus stands and in crowded places as a deterrent against crime105000 CCTVs out of 300000 claimed to be installed by AAPAdminstrative ImplementationExecutable by StateDecember 1, 2019
33Women's Security ForceMahila Suraksha Dal or Women’s Security Force made up of a 10,000 strong Home Guard Only Announcements made. No assessable ground level impact Adminstrative ImplementationExecutable by StateNovember 1, 2017
48Emphasis on Social Securityensure social security for workers in the unorganized sector; regulate wages, services and working hours of domestic workers and improve work conditions of rag pickers. Local Mohalla Sabhas will provide licences to street vendors and hawkers in designated spaces.No allocation on Social Security. Wages have been fixed as part of a policy announcementAdminstrative ImplementationExecutable by StateMay 1, 2018
63Justice for Victims of Anti-Sikh 1984 Carnagenotify the SIT that we had ordered in January 2014 to reinvestigate the 1984 anti-Sikh killings, particularly the involvement of high profile Congress leaders. Cases where investigations were not carried out properly or witness testimonies not recorded will be reopened.SIT has been notified. No results from the SIT, cases in court. SIT also constituted under guidance of SIT and Center. Adminstrative ImplementationExecutable in Coordination with Center or another stateJune 1, 2015
68Promote Sports Culturewill create new sports facilities, improve the existing infrastructure and provide coaching assistance to sportspersons. More than 3000 government school playgrounds will also be made available to the local community after school hours.A few sports complex have been set up and usage guidelines for school playgrounds have been notifiedAdminstrative ImplementationExecutable by State

The list of 11 promises out of 70 promises fulfilled by the AAP government.

Sl. No.Manifesto PromiseFulfilled?Measureable Parameters of the Promise Salient pointsType of Promise
4Electricity Bills Reduced by HalfDeliveredSubsidy Execution200 Units of Electricty per Household Announced to be Free.Subsidy / Spending Policy Execution
10Free Lifeline WasterDeliveredFree lifeline water of up to 20 kiloliters (20,000 liters) to every household 20 KL Water freeSubsidy / Spending Policy Execution
11Fair and Transparent Water PricingDeliveredannual 10 percent hike in water tariffs will be abolished
abolish the C-1A (B) category to provide relief to households that run small shops
No hike in tarrifs for the initial 2 years, Water tariff increased by 20% in 2017 for consumption above 20KLSubsidy / Spending Policy Execution
20Higher Education Guarantee SchemeDeliveredStudent bank loans with the government standing as a guarantor.Policy announced and corpus of 30 crore allocated, banks being pushed to issue loans to students without collateralSubsidy / Spending Policy Execution
22Regulate Private School FeesDeliveredregulate private school fees by publishing the fee structures and accounts online. Capitation fee will be abolished.Supreme court verdict against Private Schools & ordered them to adhere to process of seeking Govt permission before fee hikesSubsidy / Spending Policy Execution
25Increased spending on Education and HealthcareDeliveredThe total budgetary allocation will be increased accordingly.Increased focus and budgetary allocation on Health and EducationSubsidy / Spending Policy Execution
40No FDI in RetailDeliveredContinue with its decision of not allowing FDI in retail in Delhi.Resolution passed in Assembly against FDI in Retail in DelhiLegislation to be passed
42End of VAT Raids and Inspector RajDeliveredStop VAT raids on TradersNo VAT raids assured by GovtAdminstrative Implementation
43Simplifying VAT RulesDeliveredhe 30 page long VAT form will be crunched into one page for tradersDS-2 Form launched by Delhi Govt in 2016Adminstrative Implementation
54Fair arrangement for Auto DriversDeliveredwill facilitate fast bank loans for the purchase of auto-rickshaws. Special trainings will be conducted for auto drivers to improve their overall conduct.Collateral Free loans for Auto DriversSubsidy / Spending Policy Execution
70Preserving our Heritage & LiteratureDeliveredA public library or community-reading space will be created in every constituency of Delhi.Augmentation of School and Public LibrariesAdminstrative Implementation
Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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