Saturday, July 31, 2021

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Rana Ayyub claims ancient therapy used by Greek physician Hippocrates is ‘Muslim practice’

In a now-deleted tweet, Ayyub claimed an ancient alternate therapy used even by ancient Greek physician Hippocrates was a traditional Muslim practice

Communist leaders in India attend Chinese Embassy event to mark the centenary of China’s Communist Party

Yechury and other leaders had congratulated Chinese Communist Party on completing 100 years on July 1.

The Wire uses a ‘US expert’ to blame Modi for the second Covid-19 wave, who in February said the worst of disease has passed

The Wire tries to push an imaginary number of higher deaths in the country during the second wave of the pandemic in the country

While Opposition parties appear ‘united’ now, they were against each other during COVID crisis and played with our lives

These politicians are not coming together because they care for people like you and I. They are coming together to defeat Modi and in doing so, played with our lives.

Dear Shashi Tharoor, here is how you can check availability of slots for COVID vaccines on CoWIN

OpIndia steps in to help Congress MP Shashi Tharoor help find slots for vaccinations on CoWIN dashboard since he seems to be looking at wrong places

Jharkhand: CCTV footage of Dhanbad Judge’s ‘road accident’ raises questions, SIT to probe the case

CCTV footage shows that the auto that hit Judge Uttam Anand had suddenly veered to the extreme left and hit the Judge. The auto fled the scene without stopping for a second.

Pakistan: Five men booked for abducting, gang-raping and killing a goat

Five men - Naeem, Nadeem, Rabb, Nawaz and another accused abducted one goat that belonged to a labourer named Azhar Hussain.

Amidst the ongoing Assam-Mizoram border conflict, bots mostly from the USA trend #ShameOnAssam on Twitter

#ShameOnAssam was seen trending at number 5 on Twitter, with 98.4K tweets employing it by Wednesday evening

Stubble burning and Covid-19 surge in Delhi: Read what Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology scientists said in their paper

Researchers found that the virus gets attached to black carbon particles produced by stubble burning, which increased Covid-19 cases in Delhi

‘Isolated incident’, says Pakistan’s President on Hindu boy forced to chant Allahu Akbar: Here is how his claim is nothing but codswallop

A video of a Pakistani Muslim man threatening and bullying a Hindu boy to chant Allahu Akbar and abuse Hindu Gods had gone viral on social media.

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