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abortion laws

Roe v Wade, US Supreme Court’s ‘leaked’ draft, abortion rights in the country: All you need to know about the 1973 case and why...

The draft overturning abortion rights has been written by Conservative appointed Justice Samuel Alito and supported by four others with three liberal defendants.

China forcing mass abortions and sterilization on Uighur Muslims is a stain of the century: US secretary of state Mike Pompeo

China regularly subjects minority women to pregnancy checks, forces intrauterine devices, sterilisation and even abortion

Union cabinet approves changes to Abortion law, termination of pregnancy to be extended till 24 weeks

Government of India extends time limit of termination of pregnancy to 24 weeks from 20 weeks

A not so sacred Saint: The other side of the most revered missionaries, Mother Teresa

'Mother Teresa was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty.'

How the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar united the Irish people against Catholic influenced abortion law

Savita Halappanavar died six years ago. The Irish people are now voting to repeal the anti-abortion law that took her life

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