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175 marks out of 700, failed in every subject: Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad’s 10th standard mark sheet surfaces online, punctures claims of his ‘academic...

Asad Ahmed scored 177 out of 700 marks, and the remarks on his mark sheet read, "Need to work hard on all subjects."

Delhi University removes works of Mahasweta Devi English syllabus, teachers’ group backs decision: Here is what the DU said

Delhi University has come under fire for deleting works of Mahasweta Devi and other Dalit authors from the English syllabus of Semester V of the BA (Hons) English course

JNU violence: 208 reputed academicians, professors blame ‘Left-wing Coterie’ for deteriorating academic environment in country

Academicians write to PM Modi raising concerns over the deteriorating academic environment due to the shenanigans of a small coterie of left-wing activists

Government seeks response from WhatsApp over snooping incident, hits out at the opposition for politicising it

Whatsapp had today confirmed that an Israeli spyware group called ‘Pegasus’ had hacked into phones

‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’: Academia will always be the harbinger of great evil

That terms like 'Brahminical Patriarchy' are mainstream in the academia does not mean that it's not evil. It only reveals that a deep rot has set in.

DU Committee recommends removal of Kancha Ilaiah’s books from syllabus for “vitriol towards Hindu faith”

The committee also suggested the discontinuation of the word 'Dalit' in academic discourse.

Leftist journalist Sadanand Menon accused of sexual harassment

He has also wrote for leftist propaganda website The Wire and The Hindu.

No Ms Romila Thapar, even to a 15 year old student like me, you don’t make sense

Why 'eminent historians' should really stop crying foul

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