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Fake News and bigotry: How the Milli Gazette justified the massacre of Hindus in the Godhra train carnage

The Milli Gazette, which claims to be the leading newspaper for Indian Muslims, justified the Godhra train massacre.

Jobless Rakesh Tikait to feature alongside Rihanna in ‘farmer’ edition of hit song ‘Love the way you lie’, expected to request Mia Khalifa for...

Rakesh Tikait is suffering an existential crisis after PM Modi announced that the farm laws will be repealed by the govt.

The unceremonious and sudden repeal of farm laws: The lessons the government can learn from it

Narendra Mod announced that his govt had decided to repeal the three farm laws which had attracted huge protests.

With newfound legitimacy under Uddhav Govt, Raza Academy is emboldened enough to reassert itself in civil society: Why it is dangerous

The Islamist inclinations of Raza Academy is no secret. Over the years, they have been involved in a series of violent protests.

Promoting LGBT propaganda and gender politics among children: Why toxic western ideologies should not be imported to schools in India

The movies on homosexual relationships is not the worst of LGBT propaganda that have been broadcast to children.

Vikramaditya Sahai, NCERT and woke propaganda: How LGBT activists are calling legitimate criticism of a public figure ‘transphobia’

Vikramaditya Sahai was on the team that produced the NCERT training manual. LGBT activists are now call criticism 'transphobia'.

Islamist harassment of journalists and entertainers: What the abuse and targeted attacks tell us about online leftist culture

It has extremely normal for entertainers, sportsmen and journalists to be viciously trolled and abused by Islamists.

A ‘historian’ more ‘secular’ than westerners themselves: Here’s why Ramachandra Guha is stupid for opposing PM Modi’s Temple visits

Ramachandra Guha had a meltdown on Friday after PM Modi inaugurated the Samadhi of Adi Shankaracharya in Kedarnath.

NCERT goes Woke, claims separate toilets for boys and girls is a problem, suggests puberty blockers, blames ‘caste patriarchy’ for stigma

NCERT has decided to go full 'Woke' in a new training manual for teachers that was released recently, and is receiving criticism.

Harsha Bhogle condemns Waqar Younis for Namaz comment but says he is ‘sure’ an apology is coming: Here’s why he is being naive

Harsha Bhogle said it was one of the most disappointing things he had heard and was terrible for Waqar Younis to say so.

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