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‘Ahmadiyyas are not Muslims’: Jamiat backs Andhra Waqf Board after Centre denounces hate campaign against Ahmadiyyas

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind said the AP Waqf Board's stance on Ahmadiyyas reflects the unanimous position of the entire Muslims.

With what authority can Andhra Pradesh Waqf Board issue fatwa declaring Ahmadiyyas as non-Muslims: Centre govt questions AP govt

The controversy escalated in February 2023 when the Andhra Pradesh Waqf Board labelled the Ahmadiyya Muslim community as infidels, citing the fatwa of Jamait ul Ulema.

Pakistan: A day after radical Islamist party Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan issued a threat to police to demolish an Ahmadi mosque, cops comply and demolish it

Notably, Pakistan, for which Ahmadiyya Muslims voted in uniformity in the 1940s, does not recognize Ahmadiyyas as Muslims and bars them from such identification.

Pakistan: Ahmadis denied permission to offer Namaz and organise Qurbani on Bakrid, threatened with blasphemy cases

Minority Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan have been stopped from organising Qurbani and offering Namaz, even from within their houses, during the Islamic festival of Bakrid

Bangladesh: Islamists attack Ahmadiyya community, torch houses, vandalise properties. Here is what we know so far

Shops and goods belonging to Ahmadiyyas were also destroyed. Two journalists, Kamruzzaman Tutul (SA TV’s Panchagarh Correspondent) and Shamsuddin Chowdhury Kalam (Daily Karatoa) were also injured during the attack.

Local Muslims vandalise Ahmadi mosque in front of police officials in Karachi, Pakistan: Video goes viral

In the video of the incident, it can be seen that three masked men are standing atop the Ahmadi structure and smashing the pillars and minarets with hammers

Pakistanis slam Salman Taseer’s daughter for refusing to declare that Ahmadiyya are not Muslims

Salman Taseer's daughter Sara Taseer refused to sign a declaration for passport renewal saying that Ahmadiyya are not Muslims

Pakistan: No justice to Ahmadi community after 16 Ahmadi graves were desecrated in Punjab for using Islamic symbols

In February, nearly 50 graves of belonging to the Ahmadi community were allegedly desecrated by the local police and Maulanas for using Islamic symbols on gravestones.

Pakistan: 62-year-old Ahmadi Muslim stabbed to death for refusing to chant ‘Labbaik ya Rasool Allah’, supporter of Tehrik-e-Labbaik arrested

Ahmadi Muslim man named Naseer Ahmad was stabbed to death for refusing to chant the Islamist slogans in the eastern town of Rabwah, Pakistan.

PML-Q leader asks for expulsion of Ahmadis from Khushab in Pakistan: Here is how the area has been notorious for Ahmadi persecution

On July 30, PML-Q leader Malik Ilyas Awan wrote to the deputy commissioner of Khushab, a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan, urging him to evict the people of the minority Islamic sect of Ahmadis from the district

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