Topic: air pollution

The Supreme Court directed the government to submit a comparative study on the pollution caused by firecrackers and automobiles.
Kejriwal has reportedly left for Dubai with his wife last night.
The messaging is indeed confusing. Were they fighting pollution or the festival of Diwali itself?
The Punjab CM indicated that even when there no stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana, pollution in Delhi rises.
Kolkata police has made Diwali firecracker rules more strict than already strict court order
The man was arrested as his children were bursting crackers, his neighbour informed the police.
Earlier Supreme Court had set 8pm-10pm as time allowed to burst firecrackers
Manufacturers say there is no such thing as Green firecrackers
Indian stand up comedians and their ignorance bordering on propaganda
Delhi chief minister's lack of preparedness to tackle smog is evident
"Don't gift infected lungs to children", says NGT to Delhi government
Many users were already angered at selective activism during Diwali, and they didn't like brands doing the same.

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