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Allama Iqbal

Delhi University’s Academic Council includes Veer Savarkar in the political science syllabus for the first time, axes chapter on Muhammad Iqbal

Delhi University's Academic Council included Veer Savarkar and removed Allama Iqbal from its BA political science curriculum

Those who cry in support of the proponent of Two-Nation theory, Iqbal, were silent about freedom fighter Veer Savarkar: The dangerous hypocrisy

As a school Principal was suspended for making the students sing a poem by Mohammad Iqbal and a slew of articles came out

Picture of Allama Iqbal in place of Mahamana Malaviya on the poster of BHU’s Urdu department triggers uproar: Dean orders inquiry

The Allama Iqbal poster made for the one-day webinar organized on November 9, 2021, on the occasion of Urdu Day at the Urdu Department of Banaras Hindu University (BHU), has created ruckus at the university.

How Zakat Foundation romanticises Muhammad Iqbal and why it is extremely problematic

The Zakat Foundation has found itself in a raging controversy recently after allegations have been made that Muslims receive undue advantages in their efforts to gain recruitment into the civil services

Liberals always talk about ‘Sare Jahaan Se Achcha’ composed by Muhammad Iqbal but never ‘Tarana-e-Milli’: Here is why

The 21st of April marks the death anniversary of Muhammad Iqbal, one of the most significant proponents of the two-nation theory and the creation of Pakistan in the first half of the 20th Century.

Ahmadiyyas were at the forefront of creation of Pakistan, an Ahmadiyya Unit fought against India in Kashmir in 1947-48

One argument that is often made is against the Bill is the exclusion of Ahmadiyyas from the CAB.

What kinds of people glorify someone like Nathuram Godse? Respected poets!

How would the liberals treat someone who calls Nathuram Godse a martyr and justifies his act of murder? Urdu poet Iqbal did just that!

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