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As TV reporters shamelessly fight for smoke canister thrown in Parliament, here are a few things we should all be worried about after witnessing...

On the 13th of December 2023, there was a serious security breach in the Parliament of India and the great Indian media circus started to unfold

Mamata Banerjee asked Muslims to unite in 2024 at a ‘Calcutta Khilafat Committee’ event: Origins of the committee and the dangerous trope being peddled

As per reports, the office of the Calcutta Khilafat Committee was established, opposite the Nakhoda mosque in Kolkata, in 1920.

A Twitter thread by user Meer Faisal got thousands of RTs, claiming Hindus perpetrated violence during Ram Navami: Here are 15 lies he peddled

‘Journalist’ Meer Faisal posted 30 videos on Twitter to allege that Hindus started violence during Ram Navami, all of them expose his lies

Delhi police stop Hindus from taking out Ram Navami procession after Islamist violence on Hanuman Jayanti by Islamists: Why it’s a slippery slope

The peace that is achieved by offering concessions to Muslims and by snatching the rights of Hindus cannot be sustained because in this case, one party keeps giving while the other party devours without any signs of gratefulness

Another partition by 2047? A deadline given by Islamists and Leftists: This is how

Islamists of PFI and Leftists speaking at Harvard event seem to have some commonality - Push India into chaos by 2047

‘Liberal’ Salafism, UCC being ‘election propaganda’, ‘not letting secular votes get divided’: Shashi Tharoor playing with fire to become Kerala CM?

Shashi Tharoor has been busy meeting several religious leaders in Kerala recently and is now getting wider support from the Muslim community after his recent meetings.

From details on Rana Ayyub’s scam to debunking rumours of military coup in China, Nupur Sharma, Kashmir Files: Read Top 10 articles of 2022

Here are the top 10 most read articles from OpInda - ranging from global politics, to Islamist crimes against Hindus

IANS whitewashes ‘Love Jihad’ by calling Hindu outfits ‘hotheads’, citing ‘analyst’ to blame Hindus for their own persecution

IANS published a report headlined, "Hindu hotheads raise the 'love jihad' temperature". This report was picked up by several media outlets

Does Times of India want Hindus to be killed by Islamists without a defence so that ‘peace’ can be maintained? What they wrote

After Kanhaiya Lal was beheaded, it was found that another Hindu man, Umesh Kolhe was killed for supporting Nupur Sharma.

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