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AltNews appears to have watched too many episodes of CID and were deeply inspired by ACP Pradyuman and his motley crew.
Pratik Sinha, the founder of AltNews insinuated that the Modi government had not fulfilled its 2014 poll promise of fast-tracking criminal cases against MPs and MLAs
Altnews cofounder seems to have graduated from sharing fake news himself to shielding radical Islamists
AltNews founder Pratik Sinha reached out to OpIndia CEO Rahul Roushan for a comment. We are publishing those comments here so delusional elements don't have the opportunity to twist what was said
Co-founder of self-proclaimed fact-checking portal Alt News, that often indulges in co-ordinated attacks against social media users with the help of Islamists, has yet again spread fake news in an attempt to incite communal violence.
The ones criticising this statement by PM Modi wanted to insinuate that the PM is incorrect in saying that justice in such heinous rape cases has not started being delivered swiftly
Altnews founder Pratik Sinha today stirred a hornet’s nest after he doxxed several unsuspecting users on Twitter simply because he did not agree with their political views.
Pratik Sinha has earlier also shown stalkerly tendencies, which if not controlled could become dangerously criminal.
In India, too, many have cast aspersions on 'award-winning' journalists who regularly share 'source-based' fantasies masquerading as news
The Skin Doctor had earlier filed a police complaint on misrepresentation and breach of privacy.
BBC 'fake news' research on Kenya and Nigeria pulled down too
The BBC has been busy removing its Fake News research from its website, uploading it, then removing it again.
Not only Pratik Sinha wrongly accused OpIndia of spreading misinformation, he exposed another chink in the BBC's armour.
BBC published a research paper on 'fake news' that itself can be termed as fake news
A similar rationale as Barkha Dutt's was given by the Nazis of Germany to justify their anti-Semitism and genocide of Jews and Altnews justified it
Congress leaders as well as various 'journalists' also follow this account
In a country like India, fake news during turbulent protests could potentially spark trouble
An insensitive, morphed image is being circulated claiming ashes of former PM Vajpayee are sold on Amazon.
Using this to target journalists whose opinions are starkly against you is fascism
One wonders if the biased and clearly incompetent fact-checkers would fact-check themselves, now. 
Will TOI track and bust fake news peddled by itself and the portals it is teaming up with?
Any regulation that can just as easily morph into a tool of censorship must be opposed
Will self-proclaimed fact checkers take cognisance?
Many mistakenly thought he had fallen for a parody account.
Earlier alleged fact checkers had brought into question the given video
There have been two other recent instances where the co founder has done the same
Charlatans on the scene make a mess of serious analysis

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