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While Congress demands guarantee that BJP will not change the constitution, its own manifesto promises at least 6 major changes to the constitution

In the manifesto Nyay Patra, Congress party has promised to made several changes to the constitution, on the same day the party demanded guarantee from PM of not changing the constitution

33% quota, rotation of seats after each delimitation, 15 year effective period: All you need to know about Women Reservation Bill

The bill will only come into effect after 2027 when a fresh census will be conducted and existing constituencies will be redrawn.

As NIA reaches London to probe Khalistani anti-India protests, read about amendment brought by Modi government facilitating investigation by it abroad

The NIA Act was amended in 2019 by the Modi govt extending its authority to investigate offences committed outside India.

Union govt refutes allegations of Kapil Sibal that amendments to IT Rules make social media unsafe, says no provision for prosecution added as claimed

Refuting claims of Kapil Sibal on Amendments of IT Rules, govt said that no new provision for prosecution has been made

Finance Ministry introduces bill to withdraw retrospective tax and refund collected amounts, says the tax is a sore point for investors

Finance ministry to amend the Income Tax Act, 1961 to remove the provisions of retrospective tax introduced by UPA govt in 2012.

Sharad Pawar makes a U-turn over farm laws, says no need to reject them: Details

In January this year, Sharad Pawar had posted a series of tweets criticising the farm laws and alleging that they would adversely affect the MSP and the country's Mandi system.

Petition seeks to restore Preamble of Constitution of India to the one originally drafted by Dr Ambedkar. Do you know who changed the constitution...

A plea has been filed in the Supreme Court of India to restore the Preamble of Constitution to the one originally drafted by Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, the architect of Indian Constitution.

Animal Cruelty Prevention in India: An outdated law and the reason we are falling short

The country’s most prominent Animal Cruelty prevention law was legislated in 1960, yes, 1960.

By changing the Preamble of the Constitution, Indira Gandhi had destroyed democracy, in the words of Ambedkar

Ambedkar had said that policy of the govt cannot be laid down in the Preamble because that is destroying democracy altogether

Shiv Sena MP introduces a Constitution Amendment Bill to check population growth

The Shiv Sena MP has introduced a Constitutional Amendment Bill to introduce a new provision - Article 47A into Part IV of the Constitution of India to incentivise people who keep their family limited to two children and seeks to withdraw every concession from people who fail to adhere to the small family norm. 

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