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You see, Naseeruddin Shah merely because of my political opinions, people from your camp will not hesitate to demonize me even though I am just an ordinary citizen who tries to lead an honest life. 
Naseeruddin Shah had sponsored an 'effort' in 2013 to 'expose' Narendra Modi
Amnesty International claims through the video starring Naseeruddin Shah how human rights in India has been violated by the government
The glorification of Afzal Guru, a terrorist who conspired to attack the Parliament of India, certainly does not bode well for the future of the country.
Amnesty UK had posted a tweet which read "Strong leaders don't bully charities".
Ironically, an investigation report by Amnesty International itself had confirmed massacre of Hindus by Rohingyas after Indian ‘liberals’ had tried to give them a clean chit
Amnesty itself is facing investigations for violation of regulations
NDA government has been investigating unauthorised foreign funding received by NGOs
ARSA terrorists crossed the border to Bangladesh along with the 8 Hindu women and their children they had forced to convert
Only in India, bigoted violent persons get to call themselves 'human rights activists'.

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