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Andhra Pradesh police

Andhra Pradesh: Farooq kills mentally challenged Hindu man for insurance money, buries victim with the help of his family

Basha lured a mentally challenged Setty Prathap to his food grains warehouse in Pamulapadu mandal. After locking the victim inside the warehouse, he set it ablaze.

Slip with Christian verse distributed by Vizag police, netizens question police explanation: Details

Interestingly, the bill mentioned 'Traffic Police, Visakhapatnam City' at the top while the image of Jesus Christ was seen printed at the bottom.

‘Activist’ claims Dalit youth was tied to a tree and beaten in a case of caste discrimination in Andhra Pradesh: What really happened

The attempt by Suraj Kumar Bauddh to twist a case of personal enmity and theft into a crime, influenced by the caste of the victim, was thus debunked by the Andhra Pradesh police.

Qatar-based Indian PhD scholar says false SC/ST case filed against her by Nagarjuna University professor who used to harass her online

Aruna in her petition, FIR and in an interview with OpIndia informed that Kondru who is a practicing Christian as per his social media profiles (which has now been locked), continues to call himself a Hindu taking undue advantage of the reservation given to SCs and STs.

Rebel YRSCP MP, arrested and tortured, granted bail by Supreme Court: The allegations levelled by him against CM and what court said

The Court, while granting him bail, barred the rebel YSRCP MP from giving press statements and interviews to the media.

Rebel YRS Congress MP who was arrested for criticising Andhra CM Jagan Reddy tortured in custody, images of injuries go viral

Guntur Magistrate ordered medical examination of rebel YRS Congress MP Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju to ascertain his custodial torture

Andhra Pradesh man hacks family of six including two children to avenge the rape of his daughter: Details

Andhra Pradesh police confirmed that the incident was a fall out of a old feud between the accused and the victim family

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