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US senate passes bill to declassify all intelligence on Covid origins, a day after FBI said pandemic leaked from Wuhan lab

USA: FBI, Dept of Energy say the Wuhan lab, where US-based EcoHealth Alliance was carrying out Coronavirus 'gain of function' research with the Chinese government, is the most likely origin of Covid.

US govt asked Twitter to suspend accounts linking Covid to Wuhan lab and bioweapons research, over 250,000 handles were axed

"US govt agency demanded suspension of 250k accounts, including journalists & Canadian officials!" tweeted Musk. The new release of internal Twitter correspondence details the relationship between the social media company and government agencies.

Are US-run biological labs in Ukraine one of the reasons behind Russia invasion? Read how Russian govt had raised ‘bioweapons’ alarm

Russia has accused US and Ukraine of developing bioweapons close to its borders.

Coronavirus research deemed too dangerous by DARPA was approved by Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance conducted it at Wuhan: Report

A proposal by EcoHealth Alliance, asking for funding for gain of function research into coronavirus was rejected by DARPA, but was approved by Fauci, the report by Project Veritas says.

‘The man should be fired on the spot’: Dr Fauci responds on Fox News host’s “kill shot” comments

Fox News host Jesse Watters had exhorted people to "ambush" Fauci in the streets and to record a rhetorical "kill shot"

Fauci says redefinition of the term ‘Fully Vaccinated’ for Covid-19 is on the table as Biden administration pushes for booster shots

Biden's top medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said that redefinition of the term 'fully vaccinated' in the coming months cannot be ruled out

Wuhan lab-leak the likely origin of Covid, virus most likey engineered: Biologist tells UK parliament

Dr. Alina Chan claimed that a leak from a laboratory in the Wuhan region of China was more likely the origin of this global pandemic.

Anthony Fauci’s NIAID funded institute that trained researchers at Wuhan lab that housed fatal aerosol-borne viruses, reveals leaked email

LeDuc told Dr ANthony Fauci about the importance of 'building collaborations' and opportunities to meet 'important leaders of China.'

US: Dr Fauci under fire for spending $400,000 for funding ‘cruel experiments’ on dogs, university defends him: Here is what happened

WCW Project Research Manager Daniel Lopez said the documents exposed why Dr. Anthony Fauci must be held accountable for 'wasteful and cruel spending'.

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