Tuesday, June 15, 2021


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Dr Fauci, Peter Daszak and more: The damning involvement of American scientists and bureaucrats in suppressing truth about Covid origins

The email leaks of Dr Anthony Fauci shed light on the American complicity in helping China cover up the origins of COVID-19

US immunologist who had emailed Fauci that Coronavirus ‘looks engineered’ deletes Twitter account after his lies were exposed

Embarrassed and stuck in his own trap of white lies, Andersen deleted his Twitter profile altogether.

‘Scientists were threatened Anthony Fauci and his gang will destroy careers and reputation’: Indian experts make explosive claims after emails become public

Anthony Fauci has found himself in the eye of the storm after thousands of his emails were revealed to the world.

Trump blasts Fauci after release of Covid-19 emails, says it vindicates his ‘lab origin’ theory and demands China pay $10 Trillion

Trump said even his opponents are grudgingly accepting that he was right about the Covid-19 virus emerging from a Wuhan Lab

Washington Post quietly edits 2020 report that had branded Covid-19 origin from a Wuhan lab as ‘debunked conspiracy theory’

As scientists and health experts worldwide discuss the possible lab origin of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Washington Post has silently edited out one of its reports that had mocked US Senator Tom Cotton's assertion about a possible lab-leak in Wuhan.

#FauciLeaks: Dr Fauci was informed in early 2020 that ‘the virus looks engineered’, emails add steam to ‘lab-made pandemic’ theories

Dr Fauci emails obtained by US media points out to possibilities that the Covid pandemic may have originated in the Wuhan lab.

Anthony Fauci had argued that ‘gain-of-function’ virus experiments were worth the risk of a pandemic: Report

The National Institutes of Health, under which the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases functions, had reportedly funded coronavirus experiments in Wuhan, China, in the years leading up to the pandemic.

Scientist Peter Daszak, who funded coronavirus research in Wuhan, had thanked Dr Fauci for dismissing ‘lab origin’ theories in 2020

Back in April 2020, Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, the very organisation that was carrying out 'gain of function' research in Wuhan lab had thanked Dr Fauci for dismissing 'lab origin' theories.

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