Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Anti Women

Sexist attacks against Smriti Irani just never stop, this time it is worse than ever

Congress leaders, members and supporters have always attacked Smriti Irani in the vilest, filthiest and most abusive ways possible.

Man who forced his daughter-in-law for ‘Halala’ with him booked for rape

Only with a stricter implementation of laws can the atrocities against women under the guise of shariat could stop

After talaq, Muslim woman forced to have halala with father in law, demand law banning nikah-halala

Muslim women came together to put up a fight against atrocities carried out under guise of polygamy

Case registered against serial offender Jignesh Mevani for sharing morphed image of Columnist on Twitter

Jignesh Mevani has found himself in a fix on several other occasions.

Women empowerment is not about surrounding a dynastic scion, Rahul’s criticism of RSS is ridiculous

Rahul Gandhi is a dumb politician. He is unaware that there is a separate organisation for RSS women called Rashtra Sevika Samiti.

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