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Women empowerment is not about surrounding a dynastic scion, Rahul’s criticism of RSS is ridiculous

Rahul Gandhi managed to score a self goal again. While speaking in Shillong, the Congress president criticised RSS for its ‘anti-women agenda.’ He said that RSS was dis-empowering women. He questioned whether RSS had any leadership for women. He went on to say that Mahatma Gandhi was always flanked by women in his pics, hinting at the ‘role’ given to women in Congress party.

Criticism for Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in Shillong

The comment by Rahul Gandhi in Shillong was criticised by Swati Goel Sharma , a journalist at SwarajyaMag. She rightly questioned if women would be ’empowered’ if they surround a male leader.

Repetition of anti-RSS remark in Gujarat

He had said something similar during his Gujarat poll campaign. He asked a gathering of women if they had seen women in shorts working with RSS. He said :

“They are not interested in women’s rights. How many women are in the RSS? Have you ever seen women in shorts working with RSS? I have never seen. You see women in the Congress all the time. In the RSS you will never see women. God knows what mistakes women have committed that they cannot be a part of RSS.

This comment was met with criticism from BJP’s women leaders.

Rahul Gandhi is a reluctant politician who clearly has no idea what is to be said, and what, when said, will make him look foolish. He is unaware that there is a separate organisation for RSS women called Rashtra Sevika Samiti. Girls/ women who are a part of this organisation do not require a male leader’s blessings to feel ’empowered’.

It is also telling how Rahul Gandhi thinks that for women to be empowered they either have to wear shorts, or have to subserviently surround men in power. Perhaps that is what dynastic culture has taught him. He fails to realise that Indian women see a role model in the first defence minister of the country, N Sitharaman, or the women who join the army to fight toe to toe with men, or our sportswomen who have been doing the country proud, or even our mothers, who move the world.

A politicians whose response to everything is “women empowerment” should perhaps learn, how women truly feel empowered instead of indulging in such drivel.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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