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USA to return 1,414 ancient Murtis and artifacts, including Met Museum displays which were illegally taken from India, largest restitution so far

The US authorities have said that the 1,414 objects from different sources seem to be of "Indian provenance".

PM Narendra Modi to bring back 157 artefacts and antiquities returned by the United States

157 artefacts and antiquities were handed over by the United States administration to Prime Minister Modi during his US visit

Odisha: Ancient Shivling unearthed in Bhadrak on Diwali during excavation

As per reports, on Diwali, a Shivling has been unearthed at Goramati village playground in Bhadrak district, Odisha.

Uttar Pradesh: 111 antique metal coins assumed to be from Mughal era found

The coins will be sent to the archaeological department for further examination.

Maa Durga’s homecoming: American museum all set to return 2 idols found to be of Indian origin

PM Modi is the first Indian head of govt to demand stolen Indian heritage from the U.S, Canada, Germany, and other countries.

Uttar Pradesh: Police arrested man for stealing idols and valuables from Shanidev temple

India's rich cultural heritage is at a constant threat as cases of illegal antique trafficking is gaining strength

Mughal era coins unearthed during a Bhairav Temple reconstruction in Uttarakhand village

The coins apparently appeared to be from the Mughal era, dating between the 13th and 16th centuries as it sports inscriptions in Arabic

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