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Ashoka University

Importance of mutual respect, deplore expressions of hatred against any individual or group: Ashoka University reacts after students raise anti-Brahmin slogans

Ashoka University claimed that the "freedom of expression is not unlimited" per the guidelines of the institution.

‘Brahmin-Baniyawaad Murdabad’: Hinduphobic sloganeering by Ashoka University Students sparks online outrage, netizens demand stern action

Mr Sinha, a popular nationalist X user, demanded "belt treatment" for those raising 'Brahmin-Baniyawaad Murdabad' slogans at the Ashoka University.

ED arrests 2 co-founders of Ashoka University for defrauding Rs 1,626 crore in Parabolic Drug case, university releases statement

ED arrested two promoters of Chandigarh-based pharma company Parabolic Drugs, who are also co-founders of Ashoka University

‘Thou shalt not question’: Ashoka University faculty, Leftist propagandists gang up to defend flawed, shoddy research paper that made dubious claims about election manipulation

Glaring flaws, loopholes, and dataset-related mistakes have been pointed out in Das' paper by numerous economists. However, for the Left ecosystem, facts do not matter. What matters is their conviction that a certain ideology should be above scrutiny or criticism and should be accepted by all without any question.

Ashoka University professor who made bizarre claims alleging election rigging in India quits after serious flaws in his ‘paper’ were pointed out

The Wire report has tried to make a martyr out of Das, asserting that he had to resign because of political pressure, and not due to the fact that the University had publicly denounced his attempts to create social media activism out of an unpublished, yet to be peer-reviewed paper.

Ashoka University distances itself from professor’s paper that peddles wild ‘election manipulation’ theories against BJP, Shashi Tharoor had amplified it

Without taking Sabyasachi Das' name, the University asserted that they only value research papers that are published in reputed journals after being critically peer-reviewed. They indirectly termed the paper as 'social media activism'.

Ashoka University founders charged with Rs. 1600 Cr Bank fraud by CBI, raids conducted at 12 locations: Details

The Gupta brothers of Ashoka University have been charged with cheating the consortium of banks by using forged documents

Resignation of PB Mehta from Ashoka University: What he said, what alumni and faculty believe and the speculations in liberal circles

The resignation of 'eminent intellectual' Pratap Bhanu Mehta as a professor of the Ashoka University has sent shockwaves.

Ashoka University Assistant Professor mocks Lord Ram while trying to troll President of India over false accusations

Neelanjan Sircar works as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Ashoka University and also a also at the Centre for Policy Research.

Ashoka University removes links introducing Nidhi Razdan as Harvard professor, another institute quietly edits website: Details

The Ashoka University has announced that it is withdrawing tweets and posts related to Nidhi Razdan.

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