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AP Photographer who accompanied Hamas terrorists during 7 October attack wins award from American journalism institute for photo of naked body of Shani Louk

Freelance photojournalist, Ali Mahmud, who accompanied the Hamas terrorists during the 7 October attack in Israel, has won the Team Picture Story of the Year awarded by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute in the US

Reporters with terrorists? The presence of photojournalists raises the question of the ethics of AP and Reuters

Photojournalists of AP, Reuters and others were present at the Israeli border during Hamas terrorist attack raising speculations if they had prior information of the attack

Western media makes little mention of the criminal background of Atiq Ahmed, focuses on the gangster’s political career instead

Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were shot dead from point-blank range in Prayagraj on the night of April 15, 2023.

Associated Press fires its reporter James LaPorta over the false ‘Russian missile in Poland’ story

On November 15, a missile of unconfirmed origin hit Poland and killed two people. in the village of Przewodów, located around 15 KM from the Poland-Ukraine border. A number of media organisations and government channels had falsely claimed that it was fired by Russia.

Associated Press journalists drank coffee with Hamas terrorists everyday in Al Jalaa tower: Israel Defence Forces makes a stunning claim

According to the latest reports, IDF chief Aviv Kohavi has said that AP journalists, knowingly or unknowingly, drank their morning coffee alongside Hamas electronics experts at the tower’s ground-level cafeteria.

‘Press operating in dictatorship going to be compromised’: AP editor hints at Hamas presence in Al Jalaa, bombed by Israel

Israel had bombed the Al Jalaa building that housed Al Jazeera and other international media outlets in Gaza city citing Hamas presence

Associated Press claims ‘Muslims and Hindus live peacefully in Pakistan’, while reporting the Islamist attack on Hindu temple: Details

AP said in a report recently that a thousand girls from minority religions in Pakistan are forcefully converted to Islam every year.

NDTV, Reuters and AP journalists occupying palatial govt bungalows in Srinagar asked to vacate, Kashmir Press Club miffed

Journalists have their government allocated bungalows taken back, Kashmir Press Club issues statement against the government.

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