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Medals of top 4 athletes at Beijing Half Marathon taken back after probe revealed that 3 African runners slowed down to let Chinese competitor...

The top 4 finishers of Beijing Half Marathon stripped of their medals after an investigation found 3 African runners deliberately slowed down near the finish line to let a Chinese competitor win

‘I was in the wrong era’: Former athlete Anju George takes a dig at Congress govts over indifference to sports

Former athlete Anju George, who won a bronze at 2003 Paris World Athletics Championship, took a swipe at the Congress regime.

Avinash Sable creates history: Becomes first non-Kenyan to win a Commonwealth medal in 3000 meters steeplechase in the 21st century

In an event traditionally dominated by Kenyans, Sable won a silver medal ensuring that Kenyans don't run away with all the medals yet again.

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