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Maharashtra: In the wee hours of the night, Islamists wave swords, bang at doors of locals for no apparent reason, five arrested for terrorizing...

The arrested accused roamed with swords, axes, and knives in their hands and they terrorized local residents of Dahisar Mori and Thakurpara villages in Thane.

Rajasthan: Man kills married woman for refusing his one-sided advances, clung on to her corpse for 7 hours

Ganesh Meena swirled the axe in the air and said "I will kill you today" before axing Shanti Devi to death.

Jharkhand: Five members of a family, including a five-year-old child axed to death by villagers over ‘black magic’ suspicions

Five members of a family killed by villagers after a priest said that their witchcraft is responsible for deaths and diseases in the villages

Muslim men attempt to rape Dalit women and a minor, attack them with axes and firearms

The women are currently undergoing treatment at a hospital

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