Thursday, February 25, 2021



After UK bans Chinese state media, China retaliates by banning BBC for violating ‘true and impartial’ reporting guidelines

It is unclear how the ban would affect the BBC as it is not allowed to broadcast in mainland China or into Chinese homes.

Days after telling India that it can’t suspend politicians spreading hate, Twitter makes ban on Donald Trump permanent

Recently, Twitter had refused to comply with the orders of Indian government stating that they will not block the accounts of politicians.

Biden to reverse President Trump’s policy on climate change, to end travel ban from Muslim countries

Amidst the threats from Islamic terrorism, in January 2017, President Trump had issued an executive order restricting refugees and travelers with passports from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Australia stops Chinese company’s take over of building firm, cites ‘national security’

Australia moving towards tougher regulations against Chinese investment in the country.

Did Twitter ban Donald Trump from their platform after this letter from Michelle Obama? Here is what it said

Michelle Obama had accused President Trump of inciting violence and went on to describe POTUS Trump as "infantile and unpatriotic"

‘Twitter colluding with radical left and Democrats to silence free speech’: President Donald Trump declares war on Twitter

Donald Trump, the out-going President of the USA has declared war on Twitter after the tech giant suspends his account

Russia releases statement, could ban Twitter, Facebook and YouTube over arbitrary censorship: Details

Russia could move to ban social media giants Twitter, Facebook and YouTube if they are found censoring content by citizens or media

European Court of Justice allows the EU states to ban religious slaughterings like Halal and Kosher

The decision to ban Halal and Kosher slaughter has irked people of both the communities who believe its a 'denial of democracy'

As the US bans cotton from Xinjiang company, read how China has been exploiting Uyghur slave labour to supply Western markets

China has long been accused of persecution of Uyghur minorities in Xinjiang region. Multiple organisations have now accused the Communist country of using Uyghur slave labour.

Trump administration set to add dozens of new Chinese companies to its trade blacklist, chipmaker SMIC to be one of the new entrants

President Donald Trump plans several new hard-line moves against China in the remaining weeks of his term

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