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The UPA government had done much more to harm RBI’s autonomy than anything BJP government has done.
While it may appear that the idea will help in financial inclusion of Muslims, it’s a regressive step.
During Digvijaya Singh's tenure as Madhya Pradesh CM, a scam to the tune of 719 crore rupees took place.
How hatred for Modi is causing the so-called left-liberals to lose all objectivity.
Twitterati didn't spare the bank, where many fake accounts were found by the taxmen.
The news channel misquoted the HDFC Chairman, and later quietly changed the report.
A Mumbai based NGO, Sukrta, tried to find out problems the poor are facing due to demonetisation.
Curbing corruption and countering insurgency could appear as chief goals, but that’s not all.
Here's how you can go cashless with UPI payments: Noob to UPI Jedi in under 10 minutes
Modi Government will have to repay the political cost of demonetisation.
What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats around the demonetisation drive.
The lies and misinformation related to the demonetisation are only increasing with each day.
Some in media and political parties are working overtime to spread misinformation and lies.
Do not take tax advice from WhatsApp forwards and media reports.

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