Thursday, April 25, 2024



‘Karnataka-occupied areas’ with majority Marathi speaking people will be incorporated into Maharashtra, claims Uddhav Thackeray

Bringing Karnataka-occupied Marathi-speaking areas in Maharashtra will be true tribute to martyrs of boundary battle, the CM said

Karnataka: Two youths, Shahbaz and Ryan, arrested after their video selling watermelons stored and washed in drain water goes viral

Belgavi police sent Shahbaz and Ryan to hindalga jail for selling contaminated fruits amidst coronavirus threat

Karnataka: Police detain 8 people for trying to hoist ‘Uttara Karnataka flag’ in Belagavi

The Karnataka police on Wednesday detained eight people for trying to hoist 'Uttara Karnataka flag' in Hirebagewadi, Belagavi

Sanjay Raut indulges in inflammatory speech, calls for violence if democracy doesn’t work

A parliamentarian calling for violence if democracy does not provide solution is a serious matter.

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