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Belt and Road Initiaitive

As India signs major 10-year pact with Iran over Chabahar port, read about the importance of the port and how maritime trade is the...

Chabahar Port is strategically important for both Iran and India. It has the potential to aid Tehran avoid the adverse impacts of Western sanctions while also providing New Delhi with an alternative route that avoids Pakistan, which blocks India's land access for trade with Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Philippines to exit China’s Belt and Road Initiative, announces full termination of major infra projects, favours Japanese and Western companies

The Philippines' apparent departure from the BRI is rooted in deep-seated bilateral issues concerning contested territories in the South China Sea.

G20 Summit: Italian PM tells Chinese premier that Italy plans to leave the Belt and Road Initiative, after signing India-Middle East-Europe Corridor MoU

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni privately told Chinese Premier Li Quiang about Italy’s plan to pull out of the Belt and Road Initiative

Nepal rejects China’s claim, says Pokhara International Airport is not Belt and Road project

The relations between China and Nepal have of late become a saga of an exchange of words where one side claims that a specific project is under the BRI while the other side says it is not. According to foreign policy experts, the confusion will not serve Nepal.

China exerting pressure on a reluctant Nepal to join the Belt and Road Initiative: Report

A Kathmandu-based magazine said China is exerting pressure on Nepal to join the BRI even as the latter is wary of Chinese debt trap.

China’s projects threat to environment, economy, says report

The BRI projects have sparked protests and are strongly opposed by conservationists as many developments specifically on indigenous and local communities throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America have deep impacts on forests and other ecosystems.

International North-South Transport Corridor: Russia sends test consignment to India through Caspian Sea – Iran route avoiding Suez Canal

Russia dispatched cargo to India via Iran on Saturday, employing the International North-South Transport Corridor.

Rahul Gandhi hails China’s Belt and Road Initiative and debt traps as ‘prosperity’, says India-US relations need similar plans

Rahul Gandhi hailed the Chinese debt trap diplomacy and said the India-US relations need a similar plans.

China’s debt-trap diplomacy? BRI participant countries owe over 385 billion USD to China in hidden debt, study reveals

China has been using "debt-trap diplomacy" to wield outsize influence on borrowing countries and coerce them into coughing up physical and illegal assets.

‘To embarrass America’ China wants to take over ex-American military airbase near Kabul in Afghanistan, says report

As per reports, China is currently conducting feasibility study on sending workers for economic development program Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to Bagram.

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