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‘Should we be so intolerant?’: Kerala High Court on plea against Malayalam film ‘Antony’ over gun inside a Bible scene

"How do you know this is the Bible? …The statement states it was as a fleeting moment…it was such brief that it could not be registered in the mind of the viewer…"

Sweden: After Quran burning, police authorises protest to burn Torah and Bible outside the Israeli Embassy, Jewish community condemns the approval

Stockholm police informed that they had given permission to a man who has stated that he intended to burn the Torah and the Bible outside the Israeli Embassy in Sweden this weekend as a protest.

Sweden: After Quran burning, requests filed to burn Torah outside the Israeli embassy in Stockholm

Police in Stockholm received three new applications to burn religious texts in public, including a Torah and Bible.

USA: Utah school district’s review committee finds King James Bible ‘vulgar and violent’, removed from school libraries

There have been previous instances where Bible was temporarily removed from shelves in school districts in Texas and Missouri last year.

Two-year-old sentenced to life imprisonment after North Korean officials catch his parents with a Bible: Report

The child along with his entire family was jailed in a political prison camp in North Korea in 2009

Vinod Kapri starts reading Bible after Hindu organization protests against anti-Hindu material at Delhi book fair, tells Hindus to learn from the Bible

Vinod Kapri said, "I came home and just kept the Bible aside. But, now that you all are opposing it, I will read this book. I will read the whole book.

Feast of the Ass: All you need to know about the Christian festival celebrated on 14th January, condemned later by the Church as ‘blasphemous’

The Feast of the Ass (or Fête de l'âne in French) is believed to have been the adaptation of the Roman pagan festival of 'Cervulus.'

Slip with Christian verse distributed by Vizag police, netizens question police explanation: Details

Interestingly, the bill mentioned 'Traffic Police, Visakhapatnam City' at the top while the image of Jesus Christ was seen printed at the bottom.

Religious Leaders ask Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg to drop Instagram Kids quoting verses from Bible, Quran and other scriptures

A group of 70 Religious leaders have written to Mark Zuckerberg requesting to not launch Instagram kids

‘We have come to civilize you,’ said the colonisers who were roasting men and women alive on stakes over accusations of witchcraft

From barbaric inquisitors to civilized missionaries. Read to know more about Christianity and the Dark Ages.

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