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Russian Defence Ministry says they found evidence of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine, deadly pathogens were ‘urgently destroyed’

Russian Defense agency claimed that the Ukraine govt instructed the US-funded biolabs to destroy deadly pathogens on February 24.

Gujarat: Man abandons child born out of wedlock at Gandhinagar gaushala, state administration cracks the case in 24 hours

Man has a child out of wedlock, abandons child after fight with lover, heartbreaking story of 8-month-old boy left off at gaushala in Gandhinagar

Unit 731: The horrors of biological warfare experiments that the world forgot

Unit 731 was the name of the Imperial Japanese Army's covert biological and chemical warfare division.

China-Pakistan working secretly to expand biowarfare capabilities with anthrax-like pathogens: Australian journalist claims

Anthony Klan had claimed in July 2020 that China's Wuhan Institute of Virology and Pakistan military's science arm have been covertly working on augmenting biowarfare capabilities.

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