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Mysore Bishop Kannikadass William accused of sexual misconduct, criminal activities, also accused of fathering a child

Bishop Kannikadass William was accused of fathering a child and corruption. The 37 priests alleged that the Bishop has strong connections with corrupt police officials and bureaucrats as well as politicians who have criminal records.

Clashes erupt in Kerala between two factions after Bishop converts Tiruvananthapuram’s MM church into a cathedral: Here is what happened

On Friday, protests erupted outside the Mateer Memorial Church in the heart of the capital city of Kerala

Newly elected Chennai mayor meets Bishop Ezra Sargunam who had said “Punch Hindus in their face and make them bleed”

Bishop Ezra Sargunam is a divisive Christian preacher from Tamil Nadu, he has close relations with the DMK.

USA: Catholic priest resigns after carrying out thousands of ‘invalid’ baptisms for over two decades

The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix announced on its website that it determined after careful study that Father Andres Arango had used the wrong wording in baptisms performed up until June 17, 2021.

Kerala Catholic Bishop and five priests arrested for illegal sand mining in Tamil Nadu

Sabitha, the then Assistant Director of Minerals, has been accused of permitting the sand robbery. Her husband Mohammad Sameer was arrested in Chennai on January 23 in connection with the scam.

Spain: Catholic bishop marries Satanic erotica writer, Church throws him out

Youngest Bishop of Spain, Xavier Novell Goma who had earlier left the Roman Catholic Church has married an author who writes Satanic Erotica fiction. 

Kerala Bishop slams ‘Pseudo Secularists’ for suppressing voices that speak against social evils, had earlier warned about ‘love jihad’ and ‘narcotics jihad’

Kerala Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt wrote against those people who ignore and try to shut down voices that expose social evils

After Pala Bishop spoke about Narcotic Jihad and Love Jihad, Kerala Churches decides to ‘guard’ statements going out in the public

The Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) has decided to 'gaurd' its official communications and religious sermons in future

Non-Muslim boys and girls in Kerala are being targeted for Love Jihad and Narcotics Jihad: Bishop

The Bishop added that there are specific groups operational in Kerala that are targeting non-Muslim youngsters and even providing assistance to carry out targeted exploitation of non-Muslim youth.

Spain: Bishop quits Church after falling in love with a satanic erotica writer, colleagues say he may be ‘possessed by demon’

Bishop Novell's lady love Caballol is known to author books like “The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust” and a trilogy called “Amnesia.”

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