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Chinese security agencies using AI cameras to systematically track Uyghurs, reports German Media citing public tenders for the system

Chinese security authorities are using artificial intelligence to systematically track Uyghurs in Chinese cities and generate individual movement profiles, reported Table.Media

Suspected spy pigeon with camera and microchip tied on legs caught by fishermen in Odisha, handed over to police

The 'spy pigeon' with a camera and a microchip, probably a GPS device, was caught when it sat on a trawler near

Australia to replace all Chinese-made security cameras to prevent intelligence gathering by Beijing

Amid potential security threats from Chinese-made security cameras, Australia has decided to remove them

Fact-Check: Did PM Modi try to click a photograph of cheetahs with the lens cover on

Many Congress leaders, TMC leaders shared the morphed image in a bid to mock PM Modi on his birthday.

Are they giants? The story behind a photo of POTUS and FLOTUS that baffled the internet

A distorted photo of US president and first lady with former president and former first lady due to wide angle lens and strong flash

Massive furore in Pakistan Senate after the discovery of hidden Chinese spy cameras inside the hall

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar claimed that spy cameras were installed right over the polling booth

Shaheen Bagh ‘protestors’ heckle India TV journalists for exposing the truth of the empty protest site, blare siren to assemble mob

The anti-India protestors at Shaheen Bagh squatting illegally at public roads for three months, seem to be losing steam

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