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Shaheen Bagh ‘protestors’ heckle India TV journalists for exposing the truth of the empty protest site, blare siren to assemble mob

On Friday, the 'protestors' at Shaheen Bagh attacked India TV reporters after the reporters pointed out that sirens are being used to assemble Muslim crowds on Fridays to intensify anti-CAA protests across the capital at a time when these mobs have run amock on the streets of Delhi.

The anti-India protestors at Shaheen Bagh, who have been illegally squatting at the public roads from three months, seem to be losing their steam day-after-day as their media partners have abandoned them following the riots unleashed by Islamist mobs across Delhi.

On Friday, the ‘protestors’ attacked India TV reporters after the reporters pointed out that sirens are being used to assemble Muslim crowds on Fridays to intensify anti-CAA protests across the capital at a time when these mobs have run amok on the streets of Delhi.

India TV journalists Meenakshi Joshi and Diksha Pandey were on the streets of Shaheen Bagh on Friday to report on how Shaheen Bagh seems to be deserted as only a handful turned up at the site on Friday. The two reporters tried to expose the truth behind protesters leaving the protest site after the supporters of Shaheen Bagh protestors began to abandon them.

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As Meenakshi Joshi showed visuals of Shaheen Bagh protest site being empty, the angry mob joined with few women protestors began to stop them from recording the visuals. Further, the angry protestors began to force her out of Shaheen Bagh.

Interestingly, at around 49 seconds into the video, a siren sound can be heard. The siren sound, perhaps a panic call, was made to garner enough protestors at the site as visuals of empty Shaheen Bagh was out in the public.

Shockingly, in the video, it can be seen that a protestor was forcing ladies of Shaheen Bagh to not talk to the media and forcing them to leave the place. Later, the same crowd began to hound the reporter and asked her to leave the place. Similarly, another mob outside the Shaheen Bagh was seen hounding India TV journalist Diksha Pandey to force her to stop her coverage.

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In another video, it was quite evidently visible how Hijab-clad Muslim protestors at Shaheen Bagh attacked the India TV journalists and even attempted to destroy their camera for recording the visuals of Shaheen Bagh being empty.

A group of women heckled journalist Meenakshi Joshi, as she asked where were the other ‘protestors’. As she questioned one of the protestors regarding the truth of using long-range sirens to assemble Muslim crowds to the protest site, an angry protestor tried to snatch and break their camera. They also forced the India TV crew out of the Shaheen Bagh tents.

This is not the first time that the protestors, backed by leftists and secular media, have unleashed violence on the journalists. Just a few days back, Consulting Editor of News Nation Deepak Chaurasia was attacked by a mob at Shaheen Bagh during their so-called ‘protest’ against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The mob protesting at Shaheen Bagh had heckled the senior journalist and eventually, Chaurasia was manhandled as he reported from the venue. The mob, who were angry on Chaurasia for reporting the truth, tried to forcefully stop him from doing so. The video journalist accompanying Chaurasia was attacked as well and the camera was destroyed.

Since December 15, 2019, ‘protesters’ have occupied streets at Shaheen Bagh and blocked one of the arterial roads in Delhi to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The protest site was accused of being an independent enclave where participation of people was regulated based on their political inclinations and past predispositions.

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The anti-CAA protests which began as a peaceful protest has now crossed all the boundaries as it has not only turned violent but has now become another typical left-wing event where anti-India and Hinduphobic slogans are being openly chanted. The anti-CAA protests have also become a platform for secessionist agenda as protestors were caught openly batting for cutting North-east from rest of the country. The protest at Shaheen Bagh is fuelled by Islamic supremacy beside causing unprecedented traffic woes for daily commuters have also led to job losses.

The area which was once a witness to an enormous gathering of Islamist fundamentalists shouting anti-India, anti-government and Azaadi slogans is being visited by only a handful people, exceedingly outnumbered by the security personnel deployed there to ensure their safety. As “liberal-secular” media has lost interest in them and also with no more Biriyani supplies, the ‘protestors’ at Shaheen Bagh seems to have slowly abandoned the ‘protest’ site.

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