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Caste census

Caste-obsessed clown prince outdoes himself: How Rahul Gandhi demanded details of the caste of all passengers from airline honcho, according to reports

Open Magazine reported that the airline chief “found the query strange and bordering on the frivolous. It left him with a sense of disbelief.”

Rahul Gandhi promises ‘wealth redistribution’, an ultra-Left idea Yogendra Yadav had backtracked from during Covid pandemic

Back in 2020, when the country battling the Covid pandemic, Yogendra Yadav along with several ‘economists, intellectuals and activists’ had proposed a 7-point action plan to combat the pandemic. In this, point number 7.1 had called for the government to take over all properties of private citizens and treat them as national resources.

Rohith Vemula Act, caste census, more than 50% reservation: Congress manifesto eyes to divide India further along caste lines

Despite being well aware that Rohit Vemula was not a Dalit and that his suicide had nothing to do with caste discrimination, the Congress party chose to politically exploit his untimely death in its manifesto.

Rahul Gandhi’s divisive politics on caste attracts opposition within the party, Congress leader Anand Sharma says it disrespects Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi’s legacy

“Disrespect for Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi's legacy”: Anand Sharma objects to caste census promised by Rahul Gandhi

I.N.D.I. Alliance propagandist Pragya Mishra calls Brahmins and Thakurs as ‘gaddaar’ because of the SP MLAs who voted for BJP in RS election

Pragya Mishra claimed that the loss in Rajya Sabha election would benefit Samajwadi Party in the 2024 Lok Sabha poll, because the 'traitor' MLAs have been filtered out.

‘PM Modi lied about his OBC caste’ claims Congress leader Rahul Gandhi: Here is the truth

Rahul Gandhi claimed that PM Modi was born into Teli ‘upper caste’ Modh Ghanchi family and is not from the OBC community as he claims and his party’s government included his caste as OBC in 2000. It is interesting to note that Gandhi very shrewdly twisted the facts here.

As politicians in Bihar bat for caste census, here is how caste politics took Bihar’s economy to the bottom

The recent resurgence of caste politics in Bihar raises concerns about Bihar's economic trajectory. Odisha's per capita GDP is thrice that of Bihar.

Bihar caste census and its aftermath: How RJD-JDU govt’s divisive politics is based on a sinister numbers game

The Bihar government had put the entire might of the administration at work to conduct the caste-based survey in the state.

Tejashwi Yadav attacks Yogi Adityanath’s Hindu faith to boast about Bihar’s alleged ‘prosperity’: Here is how attacking Hinduism has been a party policy

BJP has been demanding a probe in the teachers' recruitment process alleging that 37,500 teachers already in service have been reappointed and 30,000 are from other states.

Bihar: Nitish Kumar proposes to increase reservation quota from 50% to 75% after caste survey results

As per the proposal, the current reservation for SC which stands at 16%, could be increased to 20%, reservations for ST could be raised from 1% to 2%.

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