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Catholic Church

US Catholic bishops unhappy over Biden’s support for gay marriage and abortion, meeting to decide if he deserves communion

Communion is a sacrament central to the Roman Catholic faith that a priest often administers to Catholics. It is the act of receiving a piece of bread that symbolizes the body of Jesus and a sip of wine representing his blood.

‘Dalit Christians’ in Tamil Nadu express anger at Pope Francis for appointing non-Dalit as Bishop of Salem

For decades, 'Dalit Christians' have been demanding the appointment of 'Dalit bishops' in the vacant dioceses of Tamil Nadu.

When Paris was overwhelmed with decomposed human corpses and ran out of burial places: The story of the Catacombs

The Catacombs of Paris are the image of a scary world of the dead beneath the city of lights. Six to seven million human skeletons are stored there, stacked up in underground tunnels.

Tonsuring head, self-flogging daily, not allowed to take bath: Ex-Nuns reveal how Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity worked like a ‘cult’

A recently released podcast titled "The Turning: The Sisters Who Left" sheds light on what went inside the walls of Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity.

Suicides among the Clergy of the Catholic Church in India: A disturbing trend

Life in a convent or monastery is demanding, with rigorous prayer, penances and learning. Life as a parish priest is demanding in a very different manner. A parish priest’s life is a lonely one.

Kerala: More than 100 priests have tested positive for Covid-19 after leading religious services, 9 priests died in the last week

Six of the priest who died due to Covid-19 belonged to the Syro Malabar Church, and three are from the CSI church in Kerala

New Zealand Catholic Church apologises to victims of abuse, some as young as nine-months-old, at faith-based institutions

The report of the Commission said that the victims of sexual abuse included nine-month old babies who suffered years of abuse.

202 perpetrators, over 314 victims: Independent study reveals rampant sexual abuse in Germany’s Roman Catholic Church. Read details

The study revealed that most of the victims of abuse in the church between 1975 and 2018 were minors below 14 years of age.

Vatican says Catholic Church cannot bless homosexual unions as ‘God cannot bless sin’, says same sex union not part of God’s plan: Details

The Vatican on Monday decreed that the Catholic Church cannot bless homosexual unions since God "cannot bless sin".

Ajmer: Catholic Priest attacks a senior Bishop over sexual harassment charges, suspended from duties

Bishop D'Souza said that Father Varghese Palappallil came to meet him over a sexual harassment case filed against him by a married woman

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