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Security agencies flag to central govt list of Indian influencers peddling pro-China propaganda, say they do so after taking money from CCP

The report citing security establishment sources states that Chinese propaganda on Indian social media influencers, including YouTubers, is on the rise and poses a threat to the way certain sections of Indian populations view China and its policies.

Congress, which signed an MoU with CCP and secretly met Chinese diplomats, comes out in support of NewsClick over raids in Chinese funding row

Congress' support for NewsClick in Chinese funding row is not surprising, given that they have a murky history of signing an MoU with the CCP.

Xi Jinping skipping G20 summit in Delhi due to turmoil in Chinese domestic politics and slump in economy, was criticised by party veterans: Report

According to a Nikkei Asia report, Xi Jinping decided to skip G20 summit in Delhi after he was criticised by party seniors

Does the CCP’s India operation have a Congress link? Huawei, Neville Roy Singham, Jairam Ramesh, and Rahul-Sonia’s MoU with China

BJP MP Mahesh Jethmalani questioned if CCP's India operations have a Congress link too, in the backdrop of NewsClick controversy

China sacks ‘missing’ foreign minister Qin Gang, replaces him with his predecessor Wang Yi

Intriguingly, Qin had gone 'missing' since meeting with Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko in Beijing on June 25.

Chinese President Xi Jinping fears the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party as 415 million people revoke affiliation with the party: Report

Chinese premier Jinping expresses fears that Chinese Communist Party may collapse, claims the Greek City Times.

Will the ‘Chinese national’ who Rahul Gandhi is talking about please stand up?

Rahul Gandhi has yet again floated conspiracy theories based on his very limited understanding of how businesses work. He should read up more if he does not want to end with an egg on his face.

China harbouring a dream of becoming a ‘great maritime power’: Report

Since its 18th party of CCP in 2012, China has laid down the vision of transforming itself into a ‘great maritime power’.

Corruption, authoritarian working style haunt Chinese Pres Xi Jinping as CCP faces leadership challenges

The CCP has persistent and recurrent issues with its working methods, the establishment of a clean government, and its anti-corruption initiatives.

China: Video of tanks on the streets go viral amid protests by people demanding their money blocked in a massive bank scam

While thousands of people are protesting in China demanding their deposits blocked by banks, tanks appeared on the streets

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