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China harbouring a dream of becoming a ‘great maritime power’: Report

Since its 18th party of CCP in 2012, China has laid down the vision of transforming itself into a ‘great maritime power’.

Corruption, authoritarian working style haunt Chinese Pres Xi Jinping as CCP faces leadership challenges

The CCP has persistent and recurrent issues with its working methods, the establishment of a clean government, and its anti-corruption initiatives.

China: Video of tanks on the streets go viral amid protests by people demanding their money blocked in a massive bank scam

While thousands of people are protesting in China demanding their deposits blocked by banks, tanks appeared on the streets

India and China: Revisiting the 1962 war and 2020 Galwan attack

China has been receiving a lot of international criticism on the issue of Human rights violations of Uighur Muslims. Besides, China passed the Hong Kong National Security Law which faced widespread criticism both at the national and international levels.

China bans footballers from getting tattoos to set ‘good example for society’, mandates ‘ideological and political education’ activities

China has now banned their national team football players from getting new tattoos and cover up if they have any existing tattoos

China pledges 31 million USD aid for Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, Taliban had called China its ‘most important partner’

In the first batch of aid, China will be sending across 3 million vaccine doses and has also pledged to provide more medical supplies.

China using media, academia, industries and politicians in India for its propaganda, reveals a report by Delhi based think tank

Law and Society Alliance released a study report titled “Mapping Chinese Footprints and Influence Operations in India” on 3rd September

China to ban karaoke songs containing ‘illegal content’, to create a blacklist of songs that endanger national unity

China will create a blacklist of karaoke songs containing "illegal content", content providers asked to scrutinise songs for banned content

Jackie Chan expresses desire to join China’s Communist Party, gets ‘rejected’ by Chinese people on social media

The 67-year-old actor is also a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a legislative advisory body in Beijing that is largely made up of members of the Communist Party.

China threatens to nuke Japan non-stop if it tries to defend Taiwan, says it is making an ‘exception’ in the no first use policy...

China says that if Japan intervenes when it decides to ‘liberate’ Taiwan, it will launch a full-fledged war against Japan starting with nuclear bombs

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