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China’s Zhejiang provincial government deletes Covid-19 mortality data after numbers show over 70% increase in cremations in the first quarter

China has reportedly deleted the mortality data of one of its most populated provinces, which included the Covid-19 death toll too.

Jiang Yanyong: Doctor who exposed China’s SARS cover-up dies at 91

Jiang exposed the Chinese cover-up of SARS in 2003, but unlike Dr Li Wenliang who exposed Covid-19, he wasn't punished

China scuttling probe into the origin of coronavirus, including deploying army officer to assume charge of Wuhan lab: Report

The Xi Jinping govt in China has tried to keep COVID origin investigations at bay by deliberating its propaganda media to create an elaborate online disinformation campaign

‘Dangerous to run a piece’: Journalist reveals how NYT had refused to investigate the origin of Covid-19 during the early stage of the pandemic

The New York Times had resisted running anything that could suggest that Covid-19 was manmade or had leaked from the Wuhan lab

China reports the first fatality due to Monkey B Virus, veterinary doctor was first to get infected while working on primates

A veterinary doctor in China died after getting infected with with Monkey B Virus (BV) while researching on non-human primates

Chinese research paper, published 6 years ago by Chinese military backed authors, discussed weaponising Coronavirus: Reports

A 2015 research paper by Chinese scientists reveals nefarious plans to weaponise the SARS Coronavirus against the world.

China forces US diplomats to undergo anal swab tests, Biden administration calls it undignified: Reports

The Chinese authorities later acknowledged carrying out such tests and assured that they would not be using anal swabs on American diplomats to test for COVID-19 in the future.

China claims it has nothing to hide on coronavirus but made two crucial virus databases inaccessible in Sept 2019. Here is what we know

Irrespective of the claims by China that is has nothing to hide, the dragon has been actively covering-up crucial information about origins of Covid-19

China upset over Modi govt’s vaccine diplomacy, blames India after Bangladesh rejects their vaccine

Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times has claimed that India wants to monopolize the vaccine market in South Asia and hence is influencing its neighbouring nations to reject the Chinese vaccine.

China left fire-fighting after vaccine expert suggests its COVID-19 vaccine is ‘most unsafe in the world’ with ‘73 side-effects’

After saying that Sinopharm's Covid-19 vaccine is most unsafe in world, Chinese vaccine expert deletes Weibo post, says it was sarcastic

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